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I had a meeting today with some industry friends and one commented about how she had been “blowing up” my email with messages just before we met. She apologized because she didn’t have my cell phone number, but I reassured her that she hadn’t been bothering me because I don’t have email connected to my phone and I hadn’t been at my computer for a while. She smiled and applauded at my ability to be disconnected and seemed pleasantly surprised by the idea, so I shared some insight with her and thought I’d do the same for my blog readers. 🙂

I’ve been email-free on my phone for about four years and whenever it comes up in conversation, I always encourage others to highly consider it because of how fabulously freeing it is! With my email-free phone…

1. I’m not constantly bombarded by business thoughts because I don’t have email notifications flashing on my phone, which is always within quick reach. 

2. I can’t see any new emails and my current mood isn’t being affected by how positive or negative those new emails might be.

3. I’m not adding to my mental to-do list at inconvenient times which is key when taking care of three kiddos who already occupy so much brain activity.

4. I’m not being distracted or tempted by emails during family time and life in general because I only review them from my ONE computer. (And I try to only be at that ONE computer during work time.) If I gave into the temptation and answered business emails “after hours”, my clients and colleagues may begin to expect that I’m available at all times.


This email-free phone post got me thinking of this picture I have of Ally. It was taken when she was just two years old and it’s currently in my wedding photography pricing guide. But I didn’t just think of it because she’s super cute and it makes me smile. I also thought of it because she’s holding my first iPhone. The first smart phone I owned that was not connected to my email. 

So thanks, Kassy, for inspiring today’s blog post and allowing me to connect our meeting to an email-free phone and this cute throwback picture of my Ally. 🙂 Consider setting yourselves free with an email-free phone, friends! I think you’ll find yourself refreshed! Or maybe just a little stressed because you have no idea what’s landing in your inbox? Ha! Give it a try and see!

Day 13 of Starting Something New.

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