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We just finished the slideshows of [our wedding photos]. We couldn't stop watching. They are all amazing. It will be difficult deciding which to print. I love your details pictures. Thank you for everything. Your photographs would make an amazing magazine spread!!! The lighting, color, everything looks so crisp and clear. Our only regret would be that you were not with us the entire weekend!!"



The day of the wedding, Jessica was both everywhere and sometimes invisible at the same tie. I honestly have no idea how she did it. I can't even narrow down my favorite pictures because they are all so great. Where Jessica really amazes is her ability to get all the moments that you remember when you look back. I smile just remembering the shared smiles as I walked down the aisle, why my sister was laughing, or the look on my groom's face during the first look. I will treasure these forever. 



I just wanted to take a minute to than you again for what a great job you did photographing Stephanie's and Henry's wedding! You were a pleasure to work with and helped us so much on that special day. And the pictures have been great! I posted a bunch of them on Facebook and have gotten so many positive responses. I appreciate so much your professionalism and experience. You helped guide us through the day and everything went so smoothly. It was great to meet you and to work with you!

"Everything went so smoothly"

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