Deep Creek Engagement Session: Nicole & Justin

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

Nicole and Justin’s wedding at Chanteclaire Farm is quickly approaching. In less than two months, these two will be tying the knot at one of the prettiest venues around and I can’t help but think of how awesome their engagement session was…and how that means things are going to be even better on their wedding day. Yay! 🙂


As you look through Nicole and Justin’s engagement pictures, you’ll likely notice how cute and snuggly and seemingly comfortable they are, even in front of the camera. And that’s because these two are legit. They ARE cute and snuggly and comfortable with each other, and their pictures EXUDE that! They were beyond easy to photograph and getting to know them was such a delight. From our time in the forest at Swallow Falls State Park to our frolics in the roadside field of yellow flowers, I so very much loved this session…and all the pictures that came from it. 

These two are simply going to rock it on their wedding day in June and I am so excited to be there to capture it all!

P.S. Garrett County and the Deep Creek Lake area offer such amazing photo backdrops! (You can actually read more about this in a blog post I did for The Deep Creek Wedding. Check it!) So lucky to live where I do and have the clients that I have! 🙂 

Nicole&JustinEngaged004 Nicole&JustinEngaged007

When I think of Nicole and Justin’s engagement session, this picture immediately comes to mind. They’re so great together! 🙂

Nicole&JustinEngaged011 Nicole&JustinEngaged015 Nicole&JustinEngaged021 Nicole&JustinEngaged031 Nicole&JustinEngaged035 Nicole&JustinEngaged036

Nicole and those eyes!!!

Nicole&JustinEngaged039 Nicole&JustinEngaged048

A definite favorite from the session. 🙂 

Nicole&JustinEngaged052 Nicole&JustinEngaged058

And how about this series!?! They seriously are legit, people. This is all genuine interaction between these two…and I’m so glad I captured it!

Nicole&JustinEngaged060 Nicole&JustinEngaged062 Nicole&JustinEngaged066 Nicole&JustinEngaged068 Nicole&JustinEngaged070 Nicole&JustinEngaged073 Nicole&JustinEngaged081 Nicole&JustinEngaged086 Nicole&JustinEngaged088

Thankful that Nicole’s mom tagged along to help with the dogs. She was tempting with some treats over my shoulder so we could capture this…


So much sun that evening!!



During one of my many car rides with Natalie (she did a lot of napping in the car last year as a baby since I was on the road five days a week driving 25 minutes one way to take Ally to school), I found this roadside field of flowers! I just KNEW I had to use it for a session and Nicole and Justin’s engagement pictures were the perfect excuse. And the fact that we had sunshine that evening? BONUS! 

Nicole&JustinEngaged103 Nicole&JustinEngaged110

Oh man, let the cuteness and snuggles (and beautiful YELLOW color!!) overload commence…

Nicole&JustinEngaged114 Nicole&JustinEngaged115 Nicole&JustinEngaged120 Nicole&JustinEngaged123 Nicole&JustinEngaged128 Nicole&JustinEngaged131 Nicole&JustinEngaged136 Nicole&JustinEngaged145 Nicole&JustinEngaged147

One of my favorite engagement portraits of all time!!! 🙂

Nicole&JustinEngaged150 Nicole&JustinEngaged158 Nicole&JustinEngaged166

Nicole and Justin, you guys were just awesome sauce! Thanks for being awesome, and thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding this year! I am PUMPED to see you guys again…soon!!! 

Day 14 of Starting Something New.

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