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Deep Creek Lake Photographer

Today I had the opportunity to visit four lake houses at Deep Creek Lake with two of my very good friends (styled shoot location selection was a success!), and boy, was it refreshingly exciting! Refreshing because Deep Creek Lake is such a beautiful, friendly area and the warm sunshine, light breeze and moving waters just puts me in a good mood (Allison and Beth also seemed to be in a good mood)! And exciting because of what this area is. It’s an area that people come to visit…an area where families vacation…an area that many families, young professionals and retirees call “home.” It’s an area that is glowing with natural beauty, exceedingly suggesting relaxation and outdoor fun, AND has the ability to make one heck of a wedding location. 

Exploring the lake area today and putting together ideas for a wedding styled shoot made me, once again, feel so thankful and excited to be living in Garrett County. If you’re reading this and you live in Garrett County or the Deep Creek area, or if you find yourself visiting or vacationing here, I think you’re pretty darn lucky. 🙂

And here’s just a snapshot of the lake that I took while touring the houses today. Here’s to a happy and relaxing day, friends!


Day 12 of Starting Something New.

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