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Deep Creek Lake Portrait Photographer

Well, it’s happening. My calendar is booking up quicker and earlier than expected, and I’m having to turn people away. Even though my business is happy with a full calendar, I still dislike turning people away. It’s missed opportunity with either new or returning clients, and really, I’m just bad at saying no and want to squeeze everyone in on my calendar. But for the sake of balance, that can’t happen. 

So let this be a friendly announcement to anyone who might be considering a portrait session from now until the end of summer. I’m currently booking into July and August, so it’s not too early to be thinking ahead. A session in my backyard with your kiddos…a session with your extended family while vacationing at the lake…a session with your hubster because you haven’t had pictures taken since your wedding 10 years ago! Whatever the reason, whatever the session, now is a good time to schedule! I hope to see you this year! 🙂

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And for anyone that’s following along with my recent blog mission, I missed yesterday. 🙁 I was sitting on my couch at 9pm and had every intention of writing this post so I could continue blogging every work day. But I decided to give myself some grace and skipped a day. I wasn’t really feeling the blogging vibe and figured there would be no harm done. Maybe I was just getting better at saying no!? 🙂

Day 11 of Starting Something New.

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