JFP is Now Offering Videography!

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Videographer

The BIG announcement has been made! JFP will now be offering wedding videography! This has been in the works since January and I’m excited to finally share it with everyone! 

Before we get into the actual video part of this addition, here’s the backstory on how it came to be…

Christine and I met a handful of years ago when she needed some updated family portraits. I took pictures of she with her husband and two dogs, and her mom and sister joined for a few. At the time, she was a wedding photographer, which allowed us to connect beyond the client-photographer relationship. She eventually visited me at my home for a day of headshots with other photographer friends and even second shot for me during a summer wedding a few years ago. We reconnected last year when I was seeking some behind the scenes work for JFP and then, in January, she approached me with something that would change the business even further…

She asked me if I wanted to add video. 

I had casually wondered about wedding videography and whether or not it would be something valuable to add to my list of services, but the idea never progressed because I know very little about video and didn’t know how to handle the idea of adding someone that did. Christine would make it all possible!

After some discussion with Brian and back and forth with Christine, we decided to go for it! Videography is something that JFP can easily offer alongside of photography and it allows the business to be that much more unique in our area. It seemed like an easy answer! 

deep creek lake wedding videographer

In creating this photo + video team, it was important that Christine’s films reflect the brighter, light-filled, joyful, in-between-moment style of photography that is true to JFP. It was also very important that she capture emotion and detail, and cause people to feel something when watching the films. Individually, the images and films complement each other, and together, they completely and fully capture the wedding day story.

Christine is joining JFP exclusively as a videographer with years of experience as both a wedding photographer and vlogger (check out her YouTube channel). She will only be available for weddings where photography is also booked and where her own calendar allows it. We’ve shot three weddings together so far, and have a few more scheduled for the year already! I’m so excited about what Christine has captured so far and how well the films really do match the finished image collections! I also love that her films have caused me (and Hannah!) to get a little emotional when watching even though I was actually seeing it all for the second time. 

Visit the newly added video page on the website to see Christine’s films and read more about packages that include photography and videography. I can’t wait to see how this new offering will allow JFP to serve engaged couples even more! 

And now, so we can all get to know Christine a little better…

-She used to work at a toy store
-Taking her kiddos to Hawaii is on her bucket list
-Her favorite part of the wedding day seeing happy tears within the family. She even admits to being behind the camera crying with them during parent dances. 🙂
-Her favorite candy is Sweet Tart rope
-She doesn’t drink coffee, she drinks Diet Coke

Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity, Christine! And for initiating the conversation this past winter! CLEARLY this wouldn’t be happening without you and I’m so excited you want to share your talents with us! Welcome to the team! 

Speaking of team, that’s Hannah up there. Blog post about her sometime later. 🙂

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