Continuing with our love for weddings and the desire to serve couples with enjoyable experiences, JFP now has the ability to offer a complete wedding day collection with both photography and videography coverage.

Christine and Jessica have worked together in a variety of scenarios including photographer + client, primary photographer + second shooter and now photographer + videographer. In their experiences, teamwork has come easily and working together is nearly seamless. Christine yields to the photography and Jessica allows video to step in when needed.

In creating this photo + video team, it was important that Christine’s videos reflect the light-filled, joyful, in-between-moment style of photography that is true to JFP. It was also very important that she capture emotion and detail, and cause people to feel something when watching the videos. Together, the images and videos complement each other while completely and fully capturing the wedding day story.

The cinematic-style wedding videos will be set to music and include anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes of captured footage (depending on coverage hours), as well as some real-time audio. Christine is exclusive to JFP and video is only available with photography bookings. Find out more about photo + video packages here.

Wedding videos include:
Wedding Day Highlights
Real-Time Audio
Light-Filled, Joyful Footage

All photography + videography package info available here.

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