Well, it’s snowing again here in the #TundraofMaryland so it’s only fitting I share this incredibly snow-covered, incredibly adventurous Deep Creek engagement session from February!

Olivia messaged me on Facebook just a few days before she and Brock’s visit to Wisp Resort. They’re avid snowboarders and like to take a couple of winter trips each season, and this time they chose our neck of the woods! I was able to fit them in on the calendar and little did we know we’d be shooting on the snowiest day of the year!

It snowed buckets. The entire morning…for the entire two hours we spent shooting on the slopes. It was almost a challenge to shoot at times because the snowfall was thick and the camera was confused on what it needed to focus on! It was also a little challenging because it was one of my first times of skis in nine years. But we made things happen and it was one of the BEST SNOW DAYS! Just look all the glorious smiles and snow we captured!!!


If you look closely in the reflection of Brock’s goggles, you can see Hannah and I. I was shooting and she was holding an umbrella over my head. Thankfully, Hannah agreed to assist at the very in a last-minute effort to keep my camera as dry as possible…because, like I said, it was snowing BUCKETS. 

Definite definite favorite!

We took these after we plowed through some seriously thick powdery snow! I think I skied through some near knee-high trails!

Kissing on the chair lift. 🙂

This is not in focus but it’s an action shot and again, SNOWING BUCKETS.

Definite favorite…love the colors we found here! 

And one final trek through the snow (it was FEET deep here) to capture some perfectly covered evergreens…


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