After I saw TipTopΒ share a picture of this beautiful, colorful wall, I immediately wondered where it was and how I could get there to take some pictures in front of it…

So I sent TipTop a DM on Instagram and they told me exactly where it was. Right behind their neighbor, The Purple Fiddle.

Both TipTop and The Purple Fiddle are located in Thomas, WV, just over the border from we folks here in Garrett County. Their “downtown” area is incredibly charming and unique with restaurants, art galleries, antique stores, and the beautiful, quiet surroundings of the West Virginia mountains. I found an article from The Washington Post that seems to sum up Thomas quite perfectly: “Small in size, but its artistic ambitions are large, and growing.” I’ve only visited a few times, but can safely say that it’s a “must-visit” for anyone within a few hours.

Now back to the wall…:)

In TipTop’s post of this wall of colors, they mentioned Nellie Rose as the artist and creator. I continued with my practice of purposeful DMs and was able to arrange a little photo shoot with her! We’d use her wall as the backdrop and help show off her talents as a textiles artist in Thomas. Because when you have a wall like that, you need pictures with it!

Hannah and I traveled down to Thomas for the afternoon and after some quick exploration and relaxation, we met with Nellie and were blown away by her sweetness and genuine joyful demeanor. She made us feel right at home and I especially loved seeing her excitement for the pictures. She was also a dream to photograph! She knew how to be expressive, use her eyes and face, and just look comfy with her bad, happy self. πŸ™‚

And how about her shirt? It’s the perfect shirt to wear with that wall…and Nellie made it! She sells her clothing pieces in Lamplight Gallery, “a maker’s space in Thomas.” I hope I can snag a Nellie original someday! πŸ™‚

One of my favorites from the session!

The wall looks good in black and white, too!

Good one. πŸ™‚

Nellie, you could be a model! Look at those eyes!

I remember suggested this pose as a “this is my wall, I made this” kind of pose…

Closed eyes while laughing (because that usually, normally, naturally happens) is one of my favorites these days…

Oh yes…love this next series!

Another favorite! How could you not want to hang out with this girl and her contagious smile!?!

Nellie, thanks a million for humoring my love for color and desire to capture your wonderful wall! It was an absolute joy and pleasure meeting you! I’ll be back in Thomas again this year and I hope I can run into you! High fives to you and your talents!

Back to Thomas, WV as a destination…

Hannah and I visited the locally famous Blackwater Falls as our first stop that day. Unfortunately, we could only get *so close* to the falls because the access stairway was closed, but it was still worth the visit…what a beautiful little spot!Β 

And when you’re with a photographer and she finds good light, there will be impromptu headshots taken… πŸ™‚

And to round out the headshots, we asked Nellie if we could also get some pictures in front of her wall. As a woman who LOVES color, this wall completely FIT me. If I were a wall, I might be this one. πŸ™‚



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