It happens every year. There’s a perfect-sounding series of numbers that make up the most popular wedding date for that year. There was October 10, 2010 or 10-10-10. There was also December 13, 2014 or 12-13-14. For this year it happens to be October 10, 2020 or 10-10-20. October is already an incredibly popular time for weddings but this happy little sequence of numbers makes choosing an October wedding date even easier this year. 

But I’m not taking any weddings on 10-10-20 this year. While it’s hard to say no and turn away couples, it’s even harder to miss out on family time because this year 10-10-20 also happens to be Autumn Glory… 

Autumn Glory is Garrett County’s largest festival. It centers around the fall season and the beautiful foliage that we experience each year. It brings people together and it gives us reason to celebrate! For as long as my hubster can remember, Autumn Glory has been a big deal. The coming together of friends and family, the big parade, the craft shows, and just the overall celebratory camaraderie. Now, as a family of five, Autumn Glory is an even bigger deal.

When we first moved to Garrett County and Deep Creek in 2013, I didn’t prioritize Autumn Glory and the family time that takes place because of it. I booked weddings and missed all the celebratory opportunities on Saturday, including the big parade. Just knowing how much my kiddos love the parade and then not being able to enjoy it with them had me wanting to make a change. So each year, Autumn Glory Saturday is reserved for the parade and our family time. I have, in years past, taken on smaller weddings that don’t require my presence until after the parade is over, but I’m just going to say no all together this year…and likely for many years to follow.

Here’s a picture of my kiddos walking into Oakland with their grandma. It was Autumn Glory Thursday and the Fireman’s Parade was on our agenda…

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