Since having Jack home and wanting to take as many pretty portraits of he and Ally as possible, I’ve discovered that it’s easier to photograph other people’s kids…at least right now, in my opinion. For some reason, the elements never seem to completely come together every time I attempt a little “session” with my kiddos. Continue Reading

I’ve got both kiddos down for a nap (well, Jack is really just trying to soothe himself in the baby lounger next to me, but I at least have TWO free hands!) so I’d like to take this opportunity to write about something that’s been bothering me lately. It’s currently busy booking season for me. Continue Reading




Jack William, otherwise known as “baby brother”, is here! He finally arrived on January 30th at 6:37pm…and I’m so glad. No more wondering when he will come. No more wondering what he looks like. NO MORE WAITING! Hooray!!! 🙂 Here’s a little bit about his arrival and first few days on earth… I delivered at Continue Reading

Today’s post is a personal one. I have a few of these saved up for my maternity leave and “downtime”, even though things like the 10-year reunion happened two months ago! Better late than never, of course. 🙂 I attended Geibel Catholic High School. The classes were small and the student community was strong. There Continue Reading

Clinton and his parents were my first official Garrett County clients! Well, at least for the time that we’ve been living here. 🙂 Our neighbors, who are related to this little family, purchased them a newborn session as a gift when we first moved. Last week, I was finally able to meet Jessica, Seth and Continue Reading

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