Shortly after Jack was born, I realized that I may not have the opportunity to have professional portraits taken of just he and I during his newborn days. I’m a photographer but I can’t take pictures when I need to be in them! Yes, I know cameras have self-timers and I could just push the Continue Reading




When putting together these anniversary posts, I try to think of a handful of images from each wedding that best help me to remember what that wedding and couple was all about. The images that really speak to the day itself and stick out in my mind as some of the best from the collection. Continue Reading

I emailed Mary Ann the link and password to their online gallery last night. I also texted her so she’d know immediately and could start enjoying the pictures as soon as possible. We texted back and forth shortly after and I was happy to find that she and Matt were already looking at all 1300 Continue Reading

My 2014 wedding season officially started on the 19th of this month and it was a STUNNER! Everything took place at the beautiful, historic Homestead in Hot Springs, VA and besides the wonderful venue and super fun wedding party, my favorite part of the day may have been the amount of time the bride and Continue Reading

We had been trying to get together for their engagement session since December. They’re in Virginia and I’m in Maryland, which was our first obstacle. But then trying to find a time when all three of us were available in the same place…that was an even bigger obstacle! But, finally, it happened! Last weekend during Continue Reading

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