These two lovebirds were married at Twin Tails Event Farm on Saturday. It was sunny, hot and just an all around beautiful day. When we met for Emily and Rob’s engagement session in the fall, though, the sky was gray (until we got a burst of sun!) and it was cold! 

But these two didn’t mind the weather. They smiled, snuggled with their dog and looked so lovely paired with our colorful leaves. I’m so glad we were able to hang out in the fall before coming together for their big day. I think we spent just as much time talking during their engagement session as we did taking pictures! We got to know each other, we talked about the wedding and they gained some valuable in-front-of-the-camera practice that allowed portraits to be a breeze on Saturday when they posed as bride and groom. 

It was a great wedding day with Emily and Rob, and it was a great engagement session too. 🙂 It may be sunny and warm today, but we can still enjoy this look back at our most recent fall season with these two lovebirds…

Meet their fur baby, Bailey!

I loved their colors paired with the colors of the trees! And these trees were just some that I spotted on the side of the road on our way to New Germany State Park

We made it to New Germany State Park and seemed to have the place to ourselves…

We also gave Bailey a rest and just focused on these two for a little…

Awe their cute little smiles at each other! 🙂

It’s just their hands, but it’s a favorite. 🙂

Bailey’s back in! And I just loved the bright, green moss growing on this rock! It also gave us the opportunity for some sitting. Rob is significantly taller than Emily, which can be challenging when posing. But allowing them to sit together helps with that height difference!

And then we got that burst of sun! In just about the most perfect spot, too!

One more sitting opportunity…and some soft stares from Emily. 🙂

And now some shots of the ring!

The next blog post will be of Emily and Rob’s wedding, so stay tuned for that. 🙂

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