Backyard Deep Creek Lake Wedding: Michaela & Rob

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

I think the picture below perfectly sums up Michaela and Rob and their backyard wedding. Michaela was full of energy and always smiling. Rob was laid back and easy to talk to. The sun shined brightly and everyone loved being by the water. It was absolutely a perfect day for a backyard, Deep Creek Lake wedding…

Michaela and Rob’s wedding was actually in the backyard of his parents’ lake house. They’ve been visiting for years and Deep Creek holds a special place in their lives and relationship, so a celebration along the water was definitely fitting for them. Their ceremony was held underneath the trees and their reception under the tent. The neighbors allowed guests to use their driveways for parking, friends and family reminisced in the living room of the lake house together, and there was even a snake encounter early in the day – basically, it was the quintessential Deep Creek Lake wedding day. Friendly people, a house full of memories, a lake that has been bringing people together for generations, and the experience of being close with nature. 

These kinds of weddings easily became a favorite for me when we moved to Garrett County almost six years ago. Let’s have more of these backyard, at-the-lake, sunshine-filled weddings, friends! 🙂

THANKS A MILLION for inviting me into your lake memories, Michaela and Rob!

Michaela’s engagement ring is a family heirloom…

So is Rob’s tie clip…

Guys, Michaela said she never thought of herself as being photogenic. She absolutely, positively proved that to be WRONG! I think you’ll agree. 🙂

A first look by the water…

These two took their time. They talked, they laughed…I love that they took advantage of their alone time together before jumping into portraits. I always tell my couples to take as much time as they’d like together during their first look, and these two did just that. 🙂

These next few are some of my favorites from the day! The light, Michaela’s bridal-ness and movements…

We stepped into bride-groom portraits without any prior experience and Michaela and Rob nailed it right away!

Not only can Michaela do a “model look”….

She can also do a “soft smile”…

And an amazing laugh! 🙂


Rob’s sister created all the florals and they were so beautiful!

Seeeeeee! Michaela, you ARE photogenic!

A picture of Michaela’s day for her bridal bouquet…

Michaela with all of her aunts and they were awesome at the fake laughing! 🙂

And Rob trying to pull a fast one during family portraits, ha!

Cake by the fabulous Mountain Flour Baking Co! This cake had blueberry filling and was delicious!

So many sweet moments between Michaela and the guys in her life…

We did less portraits earlier in the day so we could save our energy for SUNSET PORTRAITS! YAY!

And Michaela had fun on the dance floor! I love a dancing bride!

These next two pictures seem like a good way to end this post… 🙂

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