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As my busy season continues with both weddings and engagement sessions, I so very much enjoy having conversation with my couples about their wedding day details. The flowers, the sweets, whether or not their dogs will be present, whether or not they should do a first look…and maybe one of the most important and sometimes daunting detail, the colors (because the colors affect so much, friends)! While I also touched upon this topic in a post earlier this week, this post is all about the MEN and their colors.

One thing that I continue to find as a common challenge among my couples is deciding what the groom and his guys will wear on the wedding day. Yes, a tux or suit is usually the go-to, but what about the color!? For some, the choice might seem easy and the traditional black suit/tux rental is the default. But just like with the ladies of the day, the men’s choices can be overwhelming, seemingly endless and even a bit colorful!

As a lover of color, I do enjoy seeing guys in something other than black on the wedding day. Gray, tan, brown, blue…something that goes against what’s traditional. And with inspiration from THE BLACK TUX and the current color trend for weddings, I’m going to share some of my own inspiration for why navy blue might be a good choice for the groom and his men. 🙂

As shown in The Black Tux graphic above, navy blue pairs nicely with soft colors, like those in the pink and tan/neutral families. One of the first times I encountered such a complimentary combination was during Mary Ann and Matt’s springtime wedding a few years ago. Matt and his guys all wore matching navy suits and the girls wore various shades of pink and tan, with one gal in blue. The contrast between light and dark was the perfect nod to the soft colors of the spring season and the sophistication of their venue. The colors also looked wonderful in pictures, in my opinion. 🙂

I saw this exact combination one year later at Angie and Scott’s summer wedding. I especially loved the mis-matched dresses once again, and their blush, natural color palette looked so lovely against the navy of the guys’ attire. Scott and his guys even eliminated the jacket for a more unique look. I think the vest-only style can be especially appropriate for an outfit of color.

My final wedding of inspiration is Julie and Brandon’s early fall affair from last year. While Brandon was the only one wearing navy and the girls weren’t wearing a pink or tan color, the inspirational combination was still present throughout the colors of the day.

To help Brandon stand out as the groom, he wore navy and his guys wore gray. Because both are in the “cool” family of colors, the combination worked! The gray also went very nicely with the blue-gray of the bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as the various metal-like details inside the reception space. As a punch of femininity and contrast, soft colors of pink and tan were also added, once again giving nod to the initial combination of colors in consideration.

For any readers still planning their colors and the guys’ attire for the big day, check out what THE BLACK TUX has to offer! Both rental and for-purchase suits and tuxedos are available, including navy and other colors. Happy color-hunting, friends! 🙂

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