Nicole and Erik got a full Garrett County experience for their engagement session last fall. I met them at Deep Creek Lake State Park on an early Saturday morning and then we visited the nearby Swallow Falls State Park. Two beautiful locations in one session, and both very fitting for pictures in this beautiful corner of Maryland.  

Nicole and Erik are from the far eastern side of Maryland, but chose the most western side for their wedding. They enjoy visiting the lake and Garrett County, and I’m excited to see what they put together for their out-of-town guests this weekend. They seemed immediately at ease in front of the camera and had no problem snuggling. We’re sure to get some more wonderful pictures on their wedding day! I’ll see you guys SOON…and thank you for visiting me in Garrett County for your engagement session. 🙂

I’m pretty sure this was taken within the first 10 shots! Immediately at ease, these two, and immediately making me a happy photog. 🙂

One of my favorites from their session…

When my couples ask if it’s okay to include their dogs in their sessions, the answer is always YES! If they’re a part of your family, they should be in the pictures. 🙂 

Everyone smiling and looking at the camera! SCORE!

Fur friends also make good sign holders. 🙂

Another favorite! This was even a favorite from the whole year for me!

Byt this time, it was past prime time for morning light. But thankfully, Swallow Falls has PLENTY of trees to help with diffusion and softening of that light…

They’re really good at the “pull each other close and do forehead to forehead” pose. 🙂

One more with the sign, just to make sure. 🙂

Day 28 of Starting Something New.

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