Kelly & John: North Glade Inn Wedding

Deep Creek Lake, MD Wedding Photographer

As I was looking back through Kelly and John’s pictures from their fall wedding at the beautiful North Glade Inn near Deep Creek Lake, MD, I could almost feel the crispness of the day. The weather was chilly, the last of the colorful leaves were present, the black tuxes were sleek, and the creamy compliments of ivory and peach colors were just lovely. For some reason, the combination of all those elements were just cool and crisp! It was an all-around beautiful day to photograph, and I love what we captured!

Kelly and John were wonderful to work with. They were detail-oriented, super friendly and pictures were important to them. I was so excited to be a part of their day and I’m excited to finally bring my favorites to the blog!

kellyjohnwedding1kellyjohnwedding0001 kellyjohnwedding0017

The orange silk flowers were made from one of Kelly’s grandfather’s shirts…

kellyjohnwedding2kellyjohnwedding0028 kellyjohnwedding0036 kellyjohnwedding0051

John gifted Kelly with a new address stamp that included her new name as a married woman. 🙂 

kellyjohnwedding0058 kellyjohnwedding0062

One of my favorite pictures from the day. Kelly made such a beautiful bride!

kellyjohnwedding0087 kellyjohnwedding0090 kellyjohnwedding0103

Great captures by my second shooter, my mom!

kellyjohnwedding3kellyjohnwedding0112 kellyjohnwedding0118 kellyjohnwedding0142kellyjohnwedding4 kellyjohnwedding6

One of my most favorite things about North Glade Inn is this front porch! No matter the weather, it always makes for a great photo spot! The light is seriously a photographer’s dream!

kellyjohnwedding0144 kellyjohnwedding0168 This picture has become an all-time favorite for me. It’s printed on a canvas in my office. 🙂 

kellyjohnwedding0182 kellyjohnwedding0185 The ivory and peach details were so creamy and crisp, don’t you think? Such lovely compliments to the fall season!


I love a groom with fun details! 

kellyjohnwedding5kellyjohnwedding0219 kellyjohnwedding0224 kellyjohnwedding0232 kellyjohnwedding0243 kellyjohnwedding0244 kellyjohnwedding0254

 The classic, sleek black tux has become a favorite for me!

kellyjohnwedding0276 kellyjohnwedding0280 kellyjohnwedding0289 kellyjohnwedding0292 kellyjohnwedding0298 kellyjohnwedding0300 kellyjohnwedding0890 kellyjohnwedding0891

John requested these pictures of he and his groomsmen. So thankful he has such a good eye! 🙂

kellyjohnwedding0897 kellyjohnwedding0905 kellyjohnwedding0908 kellyjohnwedding0910 kellyjohnwedding0318 kellyjohnwedding0323 kellyjohnwedding7 kellyjohnwedding8kellyjohnwedding0338 kellyjohnwedding0340 kellyjohnwedding0364 kellyjohnwedding0379 kellyjohnwedding0381 kellyjohnwedding0390 kellyjohnwedding0391 kellyjohnwedding0398 kellyjohnwedding0404 kellyjohnwedding0405 kellyjohnwedding0417 kellyjohnwedding0430 kellyjohnwedding0433 kellyjohnwedding0434 kellyjohnwedding0437 kellyjohnwedding0444 kellyjohnwedding0454 kellyjohnwedding0455 kellyjohnwedding0460 kellyjohnwedding0462 kellyjohnwedding0463 kellyjohnwedding0515 kellyjohnwedding0520

Aviators for the wedding party!

kellyjohnwedding0526 kellyjohnwedding0536 kellyjohnwedding0543 kellyjohnwedding0554kellyjohnwedding11

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons Kelly and John did so well in front of the camera was because of the practice they had during their engagement session. 🙂 

kellyjohnwedding0581 kellyjohnwedding0594 kellyjohnwedding9kellyjohnwedding0617 kellyjohnwedding0622 kellyjohnwedding0630

Now for the beautiful barn details! The North Glade Inn barn NEVER disappoints!

kellyjohnwedding0633 kellyjohnwedding0644 kellyjohnwedding0650 kellyjohnwedding13kellyjohnwedding0654 kellyjohnwedding0656 kellyjohnwedding14kellyjohnwedding0658 kellyjohnwedding0661

I just LOVE this reception detail shot! It’ll go down in JFP history, that’s for sure. 🙂 And it was featured in this summer’s Deep Creek Lake Activities Guide! Fun!

kellyjohnwedding0674 kellyjohnwedding0676 kellyjohnwedding0686 kellyjohnwedding0687 kellyjohnwedding15kellyjohnwedding0691 kellyjohnwedding16kellyjohnwedding0696 kellyjohnwedding0703 kellyjohnwedding0710 kellyjohnwedding0713

See! I told you the barn never disappoints!!!

kellyjohnwedding0721 kellyjohnwedding0737 kellyjohnwedding0739 kellyjohnwedding0740 kellyjohnwedding0778 kellyjohnwedding0781 kellyjohnwedding0783 kellyjohnwedding0786 kellyjohnwedding0792 kellyjohnwedding0806 kellyjohnwedding0830 kellyjohnwedding0837 kellyjohnwedding0862

Thanks a million for having me, Kelly and John! I loved working with you guys and I hope we can do it again someday! And I hope you visit Deep Creek often. 🙂

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