Julie & Brandon: Fall Engagement Session

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Julie and Brandon’s fall engagement session in Garrett County reminds me of why I love fall so much. Scarves, snuggling, boots, fires, plaid, colorful leaves…I’m a BIG fan. (And I’m pretty sure I mention this every year on this blog, ha!) It’s the first full day of fall AND the day before their wedding, so it’s an incredibly appropriate time to share their engagement pictures!

They came to my house for a backyard session and were just two of the sweetest people. So easy to talk to, ready to laugh and have fun, and incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. Wonderfully ideal for JFP! 🙂 But if I’m being completely honest, though, they were a little challenging to photograph. You see, Brandon is one of the tallest people I know, and Julie is a little petite…which means Brandon is like a foot taller than her! I like my couples’ faces to be close during almost all of their pictures, and when one is a foot taller than the other, extra creativity is required. Thankfully, we worked through it together and walked away with so many great pictures!

Enjoy my faves from this session and YAY for Julie and Brandon’s wedding day TOMORROW!!! 🙂

One perk of doing sessions at my house, especially in the fall, is that our neighbors have some stunningly beautiful, colorful trees! So we started across the street for Julie and Brandon’s session. How could I pass up this orange-ness!?!

juliebrandonengaged001juliebrandonengaged006 juliebrandonengaged007 juliebrandonengaged012

I quickly realized that Julie has AMAZING eyes! Can’t wait to ask her to flash these during her bridal portraits tomorrow!

juliebrandonengaged017 juliebrandonengaged020 juliebrandonengaged022 juliebrandonengaged035 juliebrandonengaged037 juliebrandonengaged1

A big fave for me! Love this pose and Julie’s soft smile. 🙂 



juliebrandonengaged041 juliebrandonengaged044 juliebrandonengaged049 juliebrandonengaged050 juliebrandonengaged054 juliebrandonengaged057 juliebrandonengaged065 juliebrandonengaged069 juliebrandonengaged071 juliebrandonengaged077 juliebrandonengaged085

Tip toes were needed during the session. 🙂

juliebrandonengaged087 juliebrandonengaged089

One of my favorite spots for pictures in the backyard! Looks good in just about every season! Especially when there are super cute subjects taking up space. 🙂 And do you see the difference in their height here? Oh my!

juliebrandonengaged092 juliebrandonengaged095 juliebrandonengaged097 juliebrandonengaged104 juliebrandonengaged2juliebrandonengaged110 juliebrandonengaged120

Outfit change! I love sweaters in fall. 🙂 

juliebrandonengaged123 juliebrandonengaged127 juliebrandonengaged128 juliebrandonengaged133

Julie shared with me that she and Brandon love to enjoy fires together, so my hubster Brian graciously agreed to put a fire together to include in their pictures…

juliebrandonengaged142 juliebrandonengaged146 juliebrandonengaged151 juliebrandonengaged154

And one final favorite spot in the woods with my $35 super colorful quilt! Score! 🙂

juliebrandonengaged155 juliebrandonengaged158 juliebrandonengaged159

Super excited to see you guys tomorrow! And super excited to bring their fall wedding pictures to the blog in the near future! Happy fall, y’all! 🙂

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