Jade & CJ: Swallow Falls Engagement Session

Deep Creek Lake Photographer

I met Jade and CJ at Swallow Falls State Park on a beautiful fall morning in November for their engagement session. We seemed to have the park to ourselves as we explored the trails and waterfalls…and as these two bravely stepped out onto large rocks for some nice scenic shots! (Anything for a good picture, right!?) 

I went to high school with CJ so he and I first met 15 years ago. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…I love when my photography reunites me with old friends! It’s also neat to see those old friends in this kind of situation. Snuggling with their loved ones, smiling happy for MY camera. CJ and Jade did wonderfully in front of the camera and I’m excited to capture them again TODAY on their wedding day. 🙂 

Jade&CJEngaged001 Jade&CJEngaged003 Jade&CJEngaged006

Moody and romantic within the first few shots! 🙂


I noticed their amazing smiles immediately! Cute, right?? 

Jade&CJEngaged014 Jade&CJEngaged019 Jade&CJEngaged021

Jade’s booties are so awesome, right?? 

Jade&CJEngaged023 Jade&CJEngaged029 Jade&CJEngaged031 Jade&CJEngaged037 Jade&CJEngaged049 Jade&CJEngaged057 Jade&CJEngaged060 Jade&CJEngaged063

Sweet and snuggly. These are some of my favorite kind of pictures…

Jade&CJEngaged068 Jade&CJEngaged073 Jade&CJEngaged079 Jade&CJEngaged082 Jade&CJEngaged083 Jade&CJEngaged087

Our last stop in Swallow Falls…Tolliver Falls! Such a neat location! And there are those smiles again. 🙂

Jade&CJEngaged094 Jade&CJEngaged103

Definitely a favorite!


Climbing on more large rocks…

Jade&CJEngaged110 Jade&CJEngaged115 Jade&CJEngaged118 Jade&CJEngaged127

Thanks for such a great session, you two! (They’ll be back on the blog when I’m ready to share their wedding day!)

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