Becca & Casey: Swallow Falls State Park Wedding

Deep Creek Wedding Photographer

Becca and Casey’s Swallow Falls State Park, Deep Creek wedding was such a vision of warmth and summer here in our mountains. They came down from Pittsburgh to have their wedding and invited a small group of family and friends to join them. A ceremony at the waterfall overlook and a reception at the stone pavilion, both at the park and all within an easy walking distance to Muddy Creek Falls, the tallest waterfall in the state of Maryland. 

The day started at a nearby rental home where Becca and Casey got ready and spent the weekend…

And now for our time in the forest…

The handicap accessible walkway served as Becca’s aisle to the ceremony spot, also the overlook for Muddy Creek Falls…

Now for married portraits! 

This next series in the forest is my favorite… 🙂

I love the simple, soft feel that Becca and Casey brought to the stone pavilion for their reception time…

And just because you’re not in a traditional venue and are celebrating at a state park doesn’t mean you can’t have some music, dancing a little partying. 🙂

I would LOVE to help couples plan weddings like! A true Deep Creek wedding that includes one of our county’s outdoor gems and treats everyone involved to a getaway in the mountains. We may be far out here in the mountains, but we have everything you need to make a beautiful wedding happen!


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