Why Consider A Deep Creek Wedding

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

Well I’ll tell you why! Because it’s just plain lovely here…in our mountains and at our lake. For those of you who don’t know Deep Creek, let me take you on a little journey…

You’re driving down a major highway, maybe the Ohio-Pennsylvania turnpike, maybe 95 near Washington DC or Richmond, or maybe 68 and 70 across the state of Maryland. You’re on your way to a little getaway in the mountains. You leave the city behind you and use the few hour ride in the car to listen to a podcast, scroll the ‘gram and envision all the wonderful things that lie ahead in the next few days. 

The few days you’ll spend getting away…in our mountains and at our lake.

You pop into one of the many lodging options we’ve got here, maybe a tiny cabin in the woods, maybe in a rental home with a mountaintop view, or maybe at a cozy, locally-run inn. You see trees, farms, open fields, the lake, forests, and a general sense of good activity in our middle-of-nowhere YET wildly-popular county. You’ve got a variety of things in your overnight bag: hiking shoes, something dressy for date night, a hoodie in case it’s chilly because a variety of activity possibilities await you! 

All of the activities (or lack thereof because maybe you want to relax) and things to see…in our mountains and at our lake. 

So what if all of the above was setting the stage for a wedding!? A wedding that was also a getaway! In the mountains, at the lake…far from the city, where the cozy cabins await! Where nature abounds and the offerings leave you as relaxed or explorative as you desire! Where an affair with just the two of you can be as intimate and exciting as the one you invite your friends and family to! 

Well, that’s not at all where I thought this blog post was going, ha! (And I feel like I didn’t quite finish the story.) But Deep Creek will do that to you. It has an EFFECT on people! It has the power to relax, make happy, give a sense of calm but also a thrill of excitement. It has the power to bring people together and simply show them a good time. 

I feel like there’s far more specific explanation needed here (maybe a good list of 5 Reasons Why You Should Marry at Deep Creek like over on the FTL Instagram), but for now, I’ll leave you intrigued and share some past wedding photos…from in our mountains and at our lake…

All of the above were taken in Garrett County, MD and I would be delighted to share more about marrying in Deep Creek if you’re interested! Shoot me an inquiry and let’s talk! 


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