Taylor: March Maternity Session

Deep Creek Mountain & Lake Photographer

March can be a fine time for pictures, my friends! Don’t let the threat of continued winter weather and lack of greenery scare you! Here in the Appalachian and far western Maryland mountain regions, March can still mean snow and really, our spring greens don’t really make a great showing until at least late April. But we can still take some nice pictures in this in-between kind of season. 🙂

I’m currently working with a mama who is scheduled for a March maternity session (Hi Jenna!) and we’re chatting dresses, locations and the possibilities of weather. I was reminded of my friend Taylor’s March maternity session last year. A warm-ish day with a slight touch of sun, but no real signs of spring. Tan grass, bare trees…but for me, you guys, the tan grass + bare trees can be so beautiful! Together, they create a neutral, muted backdrop that that can be complimentary of so many different session styles…including Taylor’s colorful dress and warm tones…

We also had some wind that day, which when I placed Taylor in the right direction, it worked in our favor. I loved her WHOLE March maternity look!

The wind blowing her hair was one of my favorite parts of this session!

Then we added the rest of the family…

And then a hat! Taylor can totally pull off a hat! If you can pull of a hat, I highly recommend them as a photo accessory. 🙂


If you’re up for a March session against the neutral, muted backdrop that nature presents, let me know. 🙂

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