Amy & Phil: A Fall Deep Creek Lake Wedding

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Amy and Phil’s fabulous fall Deep Creek Lake wedding, friends! I can’t believe I didn’t blog this one sooner because it was a beaut! Amy spent months planning this affair and deserves so many high fives for the effort that went into it. She had a vision and was so very determined…maybe one of my most determined and detailed brides ever! Some things had to change unexpectedly in the final days, but they were still able to make things happen…

A house with a lake view…always a special treat! Amy and Phil’s wedding took place at the beginning of November, which is very much an “off season” for Deep Creek. Things were quiet, there was hardly anyone on the lake…

They had all their bride and groom details waiting for me inside the house! This helps the photography process SO MUCH on the wedding day! No time wasted trying to gathering everything! I could get right down to work as soon as I arrived. 🙂

Amy’s satin dress was so beautiful!

The downstairs, outdoor stone patio area served as her aisle AND the reception space…

Just a nice little ceremony in the side yard…

All the guests!

Dogs included. 🙂

Look at this dessert table! So picturesque!

Such an elegant, romantic scene…and they did it all at a lakefront rental home! 

After the ceremony, they cut their cake and had a first dance…

Then it was portrait time! First up, the rocky shoreline of the lake…

I just loved the way Amy’s dress photographed. It was beautiful just lying on the ground, and even more beautiful with some movement…

Their guests stayed back for champagne while we went to Swallow Falls State Park for some extra awesome and adventurous married portraits…

Tolliver Falls! One of my favorite places to take pictures in Garrett County, MD…

The way her dress lays over the rocks is just stunning!

When Phil came down to stand next to me, he was stunned by Amy on the waterfall…so stunned he had to take his own photos. 🙂

We couldn’t be serious the whole time…we had to laugh a little. 🙂

Now on to Muddy Creek Falls! Amy was a trooper and carried her big, heavy dress the whole time!


One final portrait to show off Amy’s dirty dress! It doesn’t matter if your dress gets married on your wedding day! What does matter is the fun you had, the let-loose and care-free kind of attitude you allowed yourself to have, and the adventures you went on to capture the most beautiful portraits possible! 🙂

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