Lina & Derrick: A Winter Deep Creek Lake Wedding

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

I just shared this picture from Lina and Derrick’s Deep Creek Lake wedding on Instagram with the caption below:

I wish everyone could have experienced this wedding. 8 people, 1 dog, 2-3 feet of snow surrounding the house, 24 degrees outside, and a frozen lake to walk on. To put it simply, one of the best weddings I’ve been a part of. The intimacy, the friendliness, the lack of stress and fluff and pomp and circumstance, and just the ability to beeeee. Be in the snow and the freezing cold and on a frozen lake and WOWZA! It was a beautiful scene! One that reminded me of how much I love Deep Creek (and how I really do wish you all could experience it too) and all these super small weddings that are taking over the calendar. It’s stuff like this that can just make you feel good, friends. So if you ever need a pick-me-up, go find a super small, snowy wedding to crash. 🤩 Or not. I don’t want to start any fights, ha!

Lina and Derrick’s wedding was just one of the best…for everything I said above, and a feeling that is a little hard to describe. I just know that I was filled with so much excitement and joy while being with them and so much of that is because of the way they did things for their wedding. Small, snow-filled, stress-free. And at the lake. 

These two had no idea of the Winter Wonderland they’d encounter but it sure was a beautiful surprise and such a treat for everyone involved! One of my favorite parts of their wedding: guests strapping on boots, gloves, hats, and coats to join us for some pictures on the frozen lake.

Enjoy this one, friends. And pleaseeee let me know if you want to make a wedding like this happen for you! I’m happy to chat as much as you want about Deep Creek weddings! 

Little Miss Abita was a big part of the day…and so photogenic! 

A winter weddings in the mountains = a lovely excuse to buy cute white booties…and some fur, too. 🙂

So many sweet moments with Abita the dog!

She also wore a dress. 🙂


Derrick was so excited for things to start and was also on-hand to help direct Christine and I through any photography-videography game planning, so there wasn’t opportunity for the usual groom-getting-ready photos. But that’s okay! Small weddings are invitation to do things differently and I love it!

The ceremony took place in the living room…filled with light and plenty of space for their guests! Christine and I would highly recommend this house for small weddings at the lake (the SUPER small weddings that don’t need a big production because there are rules against that within our rental homes). If you’re just wanting to have a simple ceremony and a meal with the people who are staying in the house with you, this is a great space for it!

Abita, the flower girl.

And after Abita’s duties were over, she went right to Lina’s dress. It was the cutest thing!

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a champagne toast!

And then I asked if everyone would go outside for a quick group shot. They were all very shocked by the cold. 🙂

We took their first round of portraits in the driveway. THE DRIVEWAY. Look how gorgeous!

And the icicles on this house! Impressive!

While we were outside, Lina and Derrick’s friends enjoyed a lovely arrangement of cheese, meats and more…

After a little warm-up, it was time for round two of portraits…out back to the frozen lake!

At this point, they’re ON the lake. So cool!

Then they were surprised by Abita racing down through the snow to greet them!

Followed by their friends! YESSS!


And finally, they cut the cake. 

Such a beautiful winter day, right!? I would shoot weddings like this every day if I could! 

A couple of Deep Creek vendors who helped to make this day happen: 

Cakes by Mountain Flour Baking Co
Bouquet by Trish Yoder of Petal Branch

And to Lina and Derrick, if you’re reading this, thanks for having me! (And Christine, too! Hopefully the Social Distance Ceremony Video is serving you well!) AND THANKS A MILLION for braving the cold temperatures and deep snow for portraits. I think it was absolutely worth it!

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