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Get Married In A Greenhouse!

Friends! Who wants to get married in a greenhouse!? Surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers, under the arch of the greenhouse roof with a bit of sunshine coming in…it’s springtime, there’s warmth. It’s the perfect setting for a small wedding or elopement! Quite a magically unique scene for a small wedding or elopement, if you ask me!

And it can happen easily here at Deep Creek…between now and the end of May!

That’s right. A wedding in less than six weeks. It might seem crazy to some, but I find it fascinating and exciting! Spontaneous, even! And if there’s one thing COVID has showed us it’s that you absolutely, positively can do weddings differently and everything will be okay!

So let’s think differently. Let’s think outside the box when it comes to a wedding venue. You don’t need an official event venue, especially if it’s just going to be the two of you, and maybe a handful of guests. When you let go of what “everyone else is doing” and let go of the giant guest list, you can marry just about anywhere! My vote is that we make it happen in a greenhouse! And we do it soon!

Why in less than six weeks? Well, my friends at the local greenhouse at Deep Creek will have their place stocked of plants and flowers for May. So if we want to take full advantage of the natural, colorful beauty, we have to get there while the greenhouse is stocked! 

Also, because it’s quite easy to get a marriage license in Garrett County. There’s only a two-day waiting period after the license is obtained! So you can get your marriage license and two days later get married! (There are longer waiting periods in other states.) And only one of you needs to be present at the Clerk’s Office when applying. You can read more about it here.

You might also be wondering about a dress and how in the world will you get one in less than six weeks!?! I say you think differently here too and don’t get an actual wedding dress! In fact, you could get something incredibly unique and custom AND COLORFUL (to match the flowers of the greenhouse) and inquire with my friend Emily of Coco & June about a hand-painted wedding dress! If you need some convincing, visit her site and check out what she’s hand-painted so far! Shoes, clutch purses, pillows, and a little girls party dress.

I fully and excitedly support the hand-painted dress BUT if that doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other options for getting a bridal dress quick! First thing, it doesn’t need to be an actual bridal dress…it doesn’t even need to be white! I’ve had brides wear red, navy, purple, light blue, blush pink…go for color! Or if you do want something white and bridal, online shops like have affordable, quality dresses that you can have in a week!

So if you’re already engaged and haven’t yet begun to plan your wedding…and maybe you don’t want a long engagement or a big wedding, or you just get overwhelmed at the thought of trying to plan a wedding, this getting-married-in-a-greenhouse-wedding idea is seriously for you! We can do it soon, we can do it simply, and I can help you put all the elements in place to make sure you have everything you need. Let’s paint this wedding day (and maybe a bridal gown, too!) picture together…


  1. It’ll be colorful! I’ve said it above but I’ll say it again. In May, the greenhouse will be stocked and that means it’ll be full of color!
  2. There’s no need for flowers! Or at least ones that you need to order and have designed. They’re already in place in the greenhouse!
  3. An easy bouquet! Pick straight from the greenhouse! Make it your own!
  4. It’s incredibly unique. Do you know anyone that’s been married in a greenhouse!? Have you read about it anywhere online? I highly doubt it. Here’s your chance to be different!
  5. No need to worry about the rain…because the greenhouse is under roof! You can marry outside while it’s raining!
  6. No need to decorate…and this goes along with #2. The flowers and plants are already in place and you can just step inside the greenhouse with no changes or additions needed.
  7. Opportunity to keep it small! The greenhouse will be full of tables and tables of plants and flowers, leaving very little for standing room. So maybe it’s just you, your fiancé, an officiant, and myself!? Maybe you bring your parents and a few friends? Either way, it’s the perfect scene for something small and personal.
  8. The beautiful pictures! Do I even need to mention it!? 🙂 Just imagine the beautiful wedding pictures we can capture together! And you don’t even need to leave the ceremony space. Boom!
  9. You can make it a getaway…because you’re at Deep Creek! Rent a house for a few nights or a full week. Come to town at least two days before the ceremony, go grab your marriage license, explore the state parks and restaurants and shops, then get married! Stay for another night or two…go out for dinner and drinks after the greenhouse ceremony. Celebrate with a boat ride the next day!

And without further ado, my continued attempt at convincing SOMEONE to get married in a greenhouse with some happy, colorful, beautiful portraits inside the exact greenhouse where we’re going to make this happen…

I know these aren’t wedding pictures, but these two sure are cute, right!? And see how happy Emily is to be in the greenhouse!? 🙂

Need hair and makeup? Need lodging ideas? An officiant? Suggestions on where to eat!? I can help you with all of that here at Deep Creek! So again, this wedding in a greenhouse can absolutely happen soon! 



get to know ME more!

Hi Thank you so much for visiting the blog! Whether you're looking for more pretty pictures, inspiration for your wedding day, or some useful Deep Creek info, I hope you'll find a comfy seat, maybe a cup of coffee, and read on!

The Wedding & Family photographer with the MOST Deep Creek experience!

Holler! I'm Jessica

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