A Letter to Searching Couples

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I was recently updating my storefronts on The Knot and Wedding Wire and realized that the “about” sections were outdated. When I sat down to type some new words to describe JFP, I immediately wrote “Hi friends!” as the first sentence. “Happy wedding planning to you!” was the second. My initial reaction was to write personally TO the couple. Write about what they might be experiencing, wondering, questioning…and not just write about myself.

But is this okay? Is this what I should be writing? I thought about searching through other photographers’ storefronts to see what they wrote in their about sections but then I stopped and thought HECK NO! WHO CARES!? There are no rules here! I’m going to talk TO the couples who find my storefront. Not talk AT them.

So below is what I wrote. A simple, light-hearted letter to all the searching couples out there. All the couples who are planning their weddings, scouring The Knot, Wedding Wire and Google for their vendors. It’s a personal hello and an immediate way for US to connect. Because the wedding photography ain’t all about me. It’s about what we can do together!

Hi friends! Happy wedding planning to you!

How are things going so far? Tell me about your big day! Are you enjoying the planning or are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed!? I’ve seen and experienced both when it comes to wedding planning, so I feel you either way. But the wedding photography part of it all absolutely, positively can be a GOOD thing. Because hey, planning your wedding should be a good thing!

When it comes to wedding photo + video, an easy booking process, clear and frequent communication during the planning, and a fun, efficient experience on the wedding day (an organized, room-for-wiggle photography timeline included) is what I like to offer. We can get to know each other, laugh together, do some snuggling for the camera, and capture light-filled, joyful, candid and formal moments of your wedding. I like to yell “Holler!” when good things are happening during picture-taking and working swiftly during portraits so you can enjoy your cocktail hour can be top priority.

And there would be no need to create a shot list or worry if every one or every detail will be captured. After photographing 220+ weddings, I know wedding days like the back of my hand and which shots are the most important, including the ones that grandma and your mom will want to frame for the mantle. 

No matter where you are in your planning, I hope to help make it easy and add to the awesome! I also just love this business of weddings and working with excited couples, so I want to hear how the two of you met, what you enjoy doing together and all the details you’ve got in place for the big day. YAY!

Let’s talk soon!

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