Best of 2019 Weddings & Engagements

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

The Best of Weddings post…the post I look forward to doing but then realize it’s a lot of work and then only sometimes put it together. 🙂 

Well this year I pushed through the hard work, combined weddings + engagements and MADE IT HAPPEN! But this is such a good lesson because if I would actually collect my favorites of the faves in a folder on my computer throughout the year as I complete collections, putting this post together would be a breeze. So now I know: actually making that folder and being conscious about this is a smart idea. 

But why even care in the first place!? Why is this post important? Well it’s definitely an added portfolio boost. One can browse my Facebook page, Instagram account and weddings page of my website to see my work, but actually compiling the best into one place only adds goodness to the overall findings! 

It’s also pretty neat to see a year of weddings and engagements in a comprehensive display. It reminds me of all the good times that were had, all the lovely couples I was able to work with and all the awesome, killer pictures we took together! 

So in no particular order, I present to you my favorites of the fave…The Best of 2019: Weddings and Engagements. 


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