Jack is currently six weeks old and I’m just now sharing his newborn portraits. Doing regular JFP things hasn’t been super easy since this guy was born, so I haven’t been able to blog or edit much…hence my being behind. It’s driving me just a little crazy, but I’m trying not to do too much Continue Reading

Since beginning my business in 2009, I’ve learned that networking is a key component in JFP’s success. Because I don’t pay for advertising or marketing, or only a very small amount if an opportunity arises, I need to do the advertising and marketing myself, and find others who can help me along the way. So Continue Reading

Confession: I left the house with baby pee and spit-up on my clothes this past week. I didn’t really care too much, because that’s sort of my life right now… Back in September when I was in the thick of busy season, I shared a post about my life as a stay-at-home, small-business-owner mom, photographer Continue Reading

Well, this post is way overdue! Having a newborn, a three-year old, a larger house to take care of, a husband to entertain and love, AND a small photography business all at one time isn’t easy. The need to multitask seems to be at an all-time high and so many days pass by where I Continue Reading

Since having Jack home and wanting to take as many pretty portraits of he and Ally as possible, I’ve discovered that it’s easier to photograph other people’s kids…at least right now, in my opinion. For some reason, the elements never seem to completely come together every time I attempt a little “session” with my kiddos. Continue Reading

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