This past Friday, my mom and I volunteered to run the “photo booth” at the Parents’ Place Silent Auction Fundraiser. This was both my mom and I’s first experience with operating a photo booth, but with her equipment and my idea of fun pictures, we knew we could handle it. We had a plethora of Continue Reading

Oh boy am I excited to share this engagement session with you! It’s my first engagement session since November and it’s my last before the official start of the 2013 wedding season, so it’s definitely getting me happy and in the mood! So many things about Lorena and Tim’s session were perfect. It was 60 Continue Reading

Did you know that you can take me with you for your destination wedding!?! Yeppers, I am ready and willing to travel for wedding photography! I had my first opportunity to travel for a wedding last July when I shot Rachel and David’s wedding in Portland, Maine and I’ll be gearing up for another coastal Continue Reading

It’s another installment of a recently added blog series post, Photog Q&A! One common question I received when I announced the series was how to start a photography business, or steps I recommend to make things happen. While a very important topic, it could get pretty in-depth and lengthy, but I’m going to try to Continue Reading

I recently received an email about shooting corporate events and holiday parties, and while I don’t at all mind being surrounded by people and photographing their celebrations and accomplishments, shooting such events just doesn’t fit my style of business or photography. I have, however, photographed a couple events for my church as a volunteer and Continue Reading

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