Spring Cumberland MD Wedding: Taylor & Chris

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Taylor and Chris had such a beautiful spring wedding! The weather was wonderful, the blooms were in their peak, and the soft pinks that adorned their church and reception were perfect for the season. I first met Taylor in Chris back in September during their engagement session at Deep Creek. They laid in a field of flowers and twirled on the docks for those pictures and I genuinely enjoyed my time with them, so I was excited to reunite and get them back in front of the camera. 🙂

The day started at StoneBridge Events in Cumberland, MD, one of the area’s newest venues. We photographed Taylor and her girls getting ready in this beautiful space and then headed outside for some formal portraits. Then it was off to the church to meet the guys! After they exchanged rings in front of a giant, colorful stained glass window, we visited Canal Place in downtown Cumberland for wedding party pictures. Thankfully, the blooms were plentiful and the sun had been softened, so we captured some magic…and Taylor and Chris, once again, nailed it in front of the camera. 

Their reception was held at Daydream Venue, another new place in the Cumberland area. Taylor and Chris’s team outdid themselves with the decorations! Drapery across the ceiling, sequins on the tables and chairs, lush and sparkly centerpieces…a sea of springtime pink! 

What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple… 🙂

Beautiful flowers by Gahagan Farms in Pennsylvania…

While I style and photograph the bride’s details, I’m always looking over my shoulder for some candid getting ready moments…like when the bride’s eyes and lips are prepped…

And for all the photogs out there…the picture above and the one below were captured with my 100mm macro lens. I had it on for the ring shots and feared I would miss these moments if I changed my lens. So I just stepped farther back and love the result! The macro works so well for more than just capturing tiny things close up! Also, this is Jade Browning…makeup extraordinaire! She does such great work. 🙂

Taylor looked absolutely stunning! We couldn’t take a bad picture…and that window light! YAY!


I told Taylor that she could change her smile however she felt appropriate throughout the day…soft smile, big smile, model face. And she nailed it each time. 🙂

Taylor’s hair needed its own photoshoot! 🙂

I was a little late getting to the church (because there was just too much goodness going on with Taylor and her girls, clearly!), so I immediately took the guys outside for a couple of group shots and used the sidewalk to style and photograph Chris’s groom details…

Reading a letter from Taylor…

This is one of my favorite pictures to capture on a wedding day. 🙂


So many cute, intimate moments captured between these two on the altar… 🙂

I hardly ever show family pictures in blog posts, but I was so happy with how these turned out! Good smiles, good light and that beautiful stained glass window…

Canal Place in downtown Cumberland served us well! 

Taylor looking stunning, still. So thankful we found some spring blooms for our backdrop, too!

We took these bride-groom portraits in less than 10 minutes! We had to move quickly to get to the reception on time and I’m so thankful these two were patient with me as we wrapped things up. Thanks, guys! 🙂

Yep, they’re awesome in front of the camera! 

My first time visiting Daydream Venue in Ridgeley, WV, just south of Cumberland…and I’d love to go back!

Taylor is a big Disney fan so there were hints of that throughout…

And just look at this reception space! It looked gorgeous!

Beautiful and delicious cake by Mountain Flour Baking Co

A first dance favorite… 🙂

I love when there’s some colorful lights to play around with in pictures during the reception…usually makes for a good ending photo. 🙂

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