Snowy Swallow Falls Proposal: Gina & Justin

Deep Creek Lake Photographer

Justin started plotting out this special proposal right after the New Year. He had a ring in mind and wanted to ask Gina to marry him at Swallow Falls State Park…a place he had grown up knowing while living in Garrett County. He also wanted there to be snow. 

Gina and I go way back. We met somewhere around our freshman and sophomore years of college at Bridgewater and were even apartment neighbors at one point! She was the one with beautiful, thick, curly hair who always had a smile on her face. We hadn’t seen each other in years so when Justin contacted me, I was extra excited to help him make this happen! (When photography reunites me with old friends, it’s the best!)

After a few weeks of back and forth emails with Justin, he made a game plan to visit Swallow Falls State Park on a snowy afternoon and propose to Gina. I was a little nervous that the weather wouldn’t work out and that we wouldn’t actually have any snow. But Justin remained confident, and I’m so glad he did. The entire time I was in my “hideout” in the trees and bushes of the forest, it snowed. The entire time Gina and Justin made their way from the parking lot to the falls area, it snowed. And when he got down on one knee to ask that important question, it snowed! Things could not have been more beautiful!

After reuniting with Gina and sharing some big hugs and smiles, the three of us set off through the forest for their engagement pictures! Everything was blanketed in freshly fallen snow and we even captured some sunlight! The best part was seeing how happy Justin and Gina were as the held hands through the forest and told me about their potential wedding plans. They were also excellent snugglers for the camera! 🙂

A MILLION CONGRATS, Gina and Justin! I am so happy we captured these wonderful moments for the two of you! What a special adventure…and I hope you come back to Garrett County for more adventures, including your wedding!

This is one of my favorites from it all!

This is the picture Justin wanted! Down on one knee with the entire Muddy Creek Falls scene included…

I actually had two cameras going so I could shoot wide and zoom in at the same time and not have to worry about changing lenses. I didn’t know how long he’d be on one keep so I had to be as efficient as possible! 🙂

The snow flurries and the smiles!!!

When I tired picturing the kind of images I wanted to capture of Gina, this is exactly what came to mind…

The sunlight coming in through those trees!!!

We made it to my favorite spot in the forest, Tolliver Falls…


It was so worth the added walking for this shot!

Definitely one of the best snow days!! YAY!!!


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