Ally, Jack & Natalie in the Snow

Deep Creek Lake Family Photographer

These pictures are actually from a couple of weeks ago when we received our first Winter Wonderland of 2019. There have been some beautiful snowy scenes around Garrett County lately and there’s no hiding how magical our little corner of Maryland really is in such conditions. I’ve been trying to embrace winter this year and look past my dislike towards the cold and it’s amazing the excitement and joy this season has brought me so far! 

A lot of the joy has come from capturing all the beauty with my camera! I’ve taken plenty of scenic, landscape pictures, but I was also able to capture the kiddos in the snow. Before they hopped on our small sledding hill in the backyard, they humored me and smiled for some snowy pictures. Get out there and embrace winter, my friends! The beauty and magic of the snow is sure to bring some joy to your heart!

Snow-throwing pictures are some of my favorites!

We’re going to call these Jack’s five-year portraits. His birthday is on Wednesday and it’s usually hard to convince him to pose formally for the camera. A boy and his sled…also wearing one of daddy’s work hats. 🙂

Ally wanted a beanie with a pom on top for Christmas…it looks so cute on her. 🙂

And my Bean! I just love her in all the pink. 🙂

I taught her how to pose with her hands on her hips. 🙂

Brian and Jack throwing snow!

It landed in Jack’s eye during the first throw and this was all we got. 🙂

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