Scenes and Thoughts from Deep Creek

Deep Creek Lake Photograher

Well hey now! I thought for sure it had been more than seven months since I blogged last! Wish I could do it more…and plan to as soon as the new JFP website comes out. I’m not sure I’m starting anything consistent here, just sharing some random thoughts and scenes from Deep Creek on this random Wednesday…

First up, how about some snow talk!? It’s been a disappointing winter so far when it comes to snow. But being that it’s only February 8th, hopefully we have plenty more snow ahead of us this season. By end of March though, it better be gone.

I also find it odd that many people assume we have snow here all the time in winter. We are the snowiest part of Maryland and I call this place the #tundraofmaryland for a reason, but we don’t always have snow…despite the photos that are used in some local advertising that may have you thinking otherwise. 

Fun fact: I just bought the domain thedeepcreektourguide.com.

Another fun fact: I’m chopping my hair off and donating it next month.

One last fun fact: Friday winter weddings are a trend this year! I had one on January 27th, another on February 3rd and a third will take place on February 17th. All are small in size and include at least one of our beautiful landscapes and hopefully all will include snow! So far, we’ve been 2 for 2 for snow on those. 

And before I close this out, some Deep Creek + Garrett County, MD scenes that I’ll be selling on canvas this Saturday at the Mountain Made at MoonShadow event that my friend Terah has put together. Every home and office should include a little bit of our natural goodness inside, right? 

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