Rich Farms Rustic Glam Fall Wedding: Julie & Brandon

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Julie and Brandon had one of the prettiest fall weddings I’ve ever been a part of! Soft and delicate colors, metal-toned details throughout the entire day (pumpkins included…wait until you see!), and a sunshine glow at the end of the day that perfectly complimented all the beauty. Julie called it “rustic glam” and through all their DIY efforts, they totally nailed it!

So not only did they have a most beautiful wedding, but Julie and Brandon also became an event better set of friends to me. Since day one of our interactions, I knew Julie was a perfect fit for me! We talked easily, we both used exclamation points in our emails, and when she sent me her signed contract, “Yay!” was written on the cover. 🙂 Then they came to my house for their engagement session, we hung out like good friends, and it happened all over again on their big day. It felt more like hanging out with good friends than working at their wedding, and I’m frequently being reminded of the wonderful relationship we’ve established over time (they even invited me to their Christmas party this year…so sweet!). 

Julie and Brandon, I’m so thankful for you guys! Thankful for the comfort and ease that has existed between us throughout this whole journey, and thankful for the continued kindness that you have shown towards me. I loved working with you guys and I’m so excited I can call you guys FRIENDS!

Enjoy SO MANY of my favorites!!!

This was the first time I visited Rich Farms in Smithfield, PA for a wedding. My previous visits involved Kids Day at the Farm in the fall and the “famous” Fright Night attraction back in high school. 🙂

They’ve got a lovely, cozy, chic getting ready room for the bride and her maids….and Julie’s dress! So much pretty and so much pizazz!


I loved styling all of Julie’s beautiful jewelry…

Julie wore bangles! She’s so cool. 🙂

This might be my most favorite ring shot EVER! Julie’s engagement ring actually consists of multiple bands. Yep, I told you she was cool! And Brandon, too! He’s the one that picked it all out! 

This one came from my mom…and she caught me in it, too!


Julie, you were simply STUNNING!

Brandon and the guys got ready in the actual Fright Farm haunted house…the monsters/actors’ dressing room, to be exact. Wait until you see the props we found…

Brandon was beaming about his gift from his bride!

Hahahaha! I asked them to put on these masks and they were all for it! Fun fact: This picture also appears in Julie and Brandon’s wedding album. 🙂


It was sort of a gloomy day…until ceremony time! We had some gorgeous afternoon and evening light!

And just wait until you see Brandon’s reaction to Julie walking down the aisle…

Wait for it…

Just look at him! Tearing up over his bride!


He just couldn’t hold back… 🙂


And look how excited Julie was! ALL SMILES!


AH! So much pretty!

Just wait, the light gets better…

My most favorite picture of Julie!!!


Julie wanted to make sure we showed off the back of her dress…

And then THIS LIGHT!!

Maybe my favorite from their day…maybe my favorite wedding capture of the year! I just love the movement and candidness and natural-ness and light and beauty of it! AHH!!!


And now for all the reception goodness!

The colors and textures were just perfect for the venue and season!


Such a great wedding with such wonderful friends! I also had the opportunity of photographing Julie and Brandon during their winter trip to Deep Creek Lake this year. They snuggled in the snow for pictures and then we sat and talked by the fire for a couple of hours.

Let’s do it again soon, friends! 🙂

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