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A few months ago, I realized I had an interest in and passion for new businesses. Being a business owner myself and knowing there was new opportunity in our area are two reasons I found myself getting excited and wanting to show support. I visited these new business owners, learned their stories, took pictures for them, and promised to return and spread the word. #supportthelocals, right? 🙂

This post isn’t necessarily about a new business, but it is about a “new find” for me and a new business adventure for the owners.

The Lake Pointe Inn at Deep Creek Lake is a must-see for anyone looking for a B&B experience in Garrett County! In all my years of visiting the lake and passing by the community where the Inn sits, I never knew this place existed. Until this past March when clients and friends Julie and Brandon allowed me to interrupt their lake getaway for some snowy portraits (see below)…at the Inn!

The Inn is very large with a warm and inviting living room area immediately inside the front door. The “snack bar” is also quite inviting with fresh cookies and homemade marshmallows (for s’mores!) available to guests at any time of day…

When I met my friends at the Inn, they had just finished breakfast…and they couldn’t stop raving about it! Check out the menu below…and keep in mind that it was all cooked by Inn owner, Scott. How neat to stay in a place that presents a home-like setting and be served by the owner who is full of stories, friendly attitude and plenty of kitchen skills!? 

Julie and Brandon encouraged me to explore the top floors to see the various bedrooms. Every room is different and all seem to have a nice window view…

The Inn sits on the lake…almost literally! If it were 50 feet closer to shoreline it would be ON the lake!

I didn’t take a picture of the entire outside face of the house…mostly because I was too focused on the snowy portraits of Julie and Brandon, and then trying to escape the wind and cold once I left. 🙂 But this place is awesome! On the lake, private outdoor areas, a large porch with rocking chairs, unique bedroom and bathroom suite options for guests, delicious food, snacks and drinks available at all times, and just an all-around friendly, cozy atmosphere. I wish we didn’t live just five minutes from this place so I had good reason to go and stay myself! So for those looking for a getaway place or even just a lodging option at Deep Creek Lake, I highly recommend Lake Pointe Inn!

And now for the snowy portraits… 🙂

Thanks for letting me interrupt your little getaway, Julie and Brandon! It’s always a pleasure hanging out with you. 🙂 And thanks for introducing me to the Inn! 

Friends and readers, you can read more about the owners, who were just married in March of 2016 and became owners of the Inn in October 2016, on the site’s blog here

Day 23 of Starting Something New.

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