Whew! It’s been quite a week! After traveling to Maine for Rachel and David’s wedding and working furiously to get their collection done by yesterday, I’m ready for a little break. BUT, wedding season won’t allow it! I have a wedding today and tomorrow (both in Morgantown, yay!), and I can suddenly feel the rush of crazy, busy wedding and portrait session upon me. I am about to close my fall portrait session calendar, am preparing for 15 upcoming weddings and looking forward to three different vacations. Whew…again! Good thing I have my little Ally girl to take my mind off of the busy-ness and fill me with joy. 🙂

During her first year, I took portraits of Ally every month and eventually put those into a calendar for all the grandparents. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with portraits every month during her second year, so there’s an unfortunate lack of Ally pictures from the past eight months. But she’s not changing too much from month-to-month right now, so I’m excusing it and just trying to do portraits every 3-4 months. I didn’t want to ruin her love of being in front of the camera just yet! 😉 Gotta take what you can get, right?

So here’s Ally’s latest portraits! At first, we just went outside for some playtime, but I suddenly had a vision and it turned into a little portrait session!

Once she realized I was snapping pictures of her, she ran over and just plopped down in front of me. She was totally cheesin’ it for the camera…for about a hot minute…

Then she got distracted and found a stick. For some reason this girl loves sticks and rocks!

Next, my vision started to come to life! I threw back some pigtails and stripped her down. Not sure what it is, but there’s something cute about a little baby in a diaper, outside among wood elements, grass and nature-y things. Very Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn-like!

Ok, this isn’t very Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn-like, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress her up a bit. I absolutely LOVE this picture and will definitely be printing it for all the grandparents! 🙂

Just like her unexpected moments of cheesin’ it for the camera, the hat was also short-lived…

But then she whipped out her cheesin’ skills again! Such a pretty girl!!!

And of course she found the rocks…

She was done posing for the camera, so I concentrated on her little pigtails…

I hope you all are enjoying August! Enjoy the rest of the summer, too! 🙂

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Jess, loved looking at your little baby doll Ally. Great pic’s

I’ll be waiting for that calendar. This photo session was beautiful.

These pictures just melted my heart!! So adorable!!

Thanks so much for the photo shoot. The pictures were just adorable. The toddler years are so cute to capture in pictures.

Adorable pictures. Ally is getting so big, and you caputure her so fantastic in the pictures.

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