Mara & Mike: WVU Engagement Session

Morgantown WV Wedding Photographer

Mara and Mike’s two-part engagement session began at the “famous” WVU football stadium in Morgantown West Virginia and ended in my backyard in Garrett County, MD.ย We met at the stadium in the fall and just yesterday, on a chilly May morning (Summer, are you coming or what??), we met again to finish things off. It was nice seeing these two TWICE before their wedding day (only 18 days away!). And really, it was Mara and I’s third encounter.ย 

I first met Mara last summer at Panera. She and her mom graciously agreed to work with my busy schedule and meet for a later-in-the-evening gathering. I had a ball talking with the two of them and after “closing down” the restaurant, I was very anxious to work with them! It’s always such a blessing to make an instant connection with my clients…and their moms. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll see you guys on June 4th!

Mara&MikeEngagedWVU02 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU06 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU11

This was the second time I was on the field and it was still a little bit surreal. I know many WVU fans and this place is a BIG DEAL!

Mara&MikeEngagedWVU15 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU17 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU20 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU25

A favorite for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Mara&MikeEngagedWVU27 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU33 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU36 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU39 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU42 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU46

We had the place to ourselves!

Mara&MikeEngagedWVU50 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU54 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU59 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU63 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU66 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU68

I love the background the seats created…

Mara&MikeEngagedWVU70 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU79 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU81

Mara’s got some cute shoes! Wait until you see the ones she wore for the second session. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mara&MikeEngagedWVU84 Mara&MikeEngagedWVU87

Change of scenery! WVU stadium to my backyard…

Mara&MikeEngagedSpring03 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring07

I wouldn’t normally schedule a 9am session on a sunny day, but we had a hard time coordinating schedules and with their quickly approaching wedding date, we had to make something happen! Thankfully, Mara and Mike agreed to come to me so we could use the privacy and SHADE of my backyard…

Mara&MikeEngagedSpring10 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring14

I could definitely tell these two were much more comfortable in front of the camera during round two. That means round three, their wedding day, should be a breeze! Oh, and notice Mara’s cute shoes again!

maramikespringengaged1Mara&MikeEngagedSpring15 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring16 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring20 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring22

I love how the greenery and diffusion of the woods created a morning “glow” for the pictures…


I’m a little bias, but my backyard seems to look good in any season. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Mara&MikeEngagedSpring30 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring33 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring35 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring36

A good black and white snuggle portrait always catches my eye. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mara&MikeEngagedSpring37 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring42 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring45 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring46 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring48 Mara&MikeEngagedSpring49

A favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


Mara and Mike will be back on the blog this summer! Go back and see. ๐Ÿ™‚

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