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Julia & Roy: New Germany State Park Wedding

Julia and Roy are such a joyous couple. Always smiling, always friendly. It was a JOY working with them on their October wedding day. And it just so happens that the word JOY was part of their wedding decor. Did you know that when you combine the names Julia and Roy you get JOY!? So neat, right? And really, so incredibly fitting for this couple…as you’ll probably see in their smiles and laughs throughout this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I found out that Julia and Roy were marrying in a forest, I was excited! If you’ve been following me over the past couple of years and have seen the “Adventures” page of my recently revamped website, you know that I love weddings like this. Churches and ballrooms are nice for weddings, but what really gets me excited are adventures! Weddings that are different and unique…like a wedding in a forest! Julia and Roy both work for the state parks in Garrett County, MD so New Germany State Park was clearly an appropriate location.ย 

I loved working with this couple, with these details, in this season and at this location. A nice little JFP adventure that I hope you’ll enjoy!ย 

Julia&RoyWedding001 Julia&RoyWedding004

Julia wore these TOMS heels! So cool!

Julia&RoyWedding010 Julia&RoyWedding011

And Julia’s bouquet!?! Made from natural elements like wood…a perfect compliment to their wedding in the woods! She got it from Etsy. ๐Ÿ™‚

juliaroywedding1Julia&RoyWedding020 Julia&RoyWedding034 Julia&RoyWedding040

A favorite ring shot from my weddings last year. Such a unique band. ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding049 Julia&RoyWedding053 Julia&RoyWedding057 Julia&RoyWedding065 Julia&RoyWedding071 Julia&RoyWedding077juliaroywedding2Julia&RoyWedding092

Julia’s dad looking in as she got her finishing touches ready…

Julia&RoyWedding103 Julia&RoyWedding109 juliaroywedding3

After I hung out with Julia and her family at a rental home near the lake, I met Roy at a small cabin at New Germany State Park…

Julia&RoyWedding124 juliaroywedding4

A new favorite detail shot!ย 

Julia&RoyWedding126 Julia&RoyWedding134

Smiles from Roy ALL DAY LONG!

Julia&RoyWedding141 Julia&RoyWedding145 Julia&RoyWedding148 Julia&RoyWedding152 Julia&RoyWedding154

Julia and Roy love their dog Rosie. She even made an appearance during their engagement session and was invited to hang out for the ceremony and cocktail hour. A dog at a wedding in the woods? Very fitting!

Julia&RoyWedding158 Julia&RoyWedding167 Julia&RoyWedding175

The ceremony and cocktail hour spot!


The first hint of JOY… ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding188 Julia&RoyWedding190juliaroywedding5

The fireplace inside the park pavilion was decorated so beautifully! I especially loved the burning fire. ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding192 Julia&RoyWedding194

The tree on the right served as their “unity candle” during the ceremony. Julia and Roy collected water from streams from their childhood and watered the plant with the water.


Drymill Road. I first met this bluegrass band at a wedding a few years ago! Then I recommended them to one of my 2014 brides and was pleasantly surprised to see them yet again!ย 

Julia&RoyWedding221 Julia&RoyWedding223 Julia&RoyWedding224

More JOY! Julia + Roy = JOY! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding229juliaroywedding8Julia&RoyWedding231 Julia&RoyWedding234 Julia&RoyWedding239

Guests signed rocks for the “guest book”…

Julia&RoyWedding245 Julia&RoyWedding249 juliaroywedding9ย Julia&RoyWedding255

A sweet capture from my second shooter, Melissa!

Julia&RoyWedding269 Julia&RoyWedding279

Another capture by Melissa. I love when the sun “bursts” through the trees!

Julia&RoyWedding285 Julia&RoyWedding290 Julia&RoyWedding296 Julia&RoyWedding297 Julia&RoyWedding305 Julia&RoyWedding308 Julia&RoyWedding312

Watering their unity tree using water from streams from their childhood…so different and so neat!

Julia&RoyWedding318 Julia&RoyWedding319 Julia&RoyWedding324 Julia&RoyWedding326 Julia&RoyWedding329 Julia&RoyWedding332

Rosie greeted them immediately! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding333 Julia&RoyWedding339 Julia&RoyWedding344 Julia&RoyWedding346 Julia&RoyWedding348Julia&RoyWedding578

We had PLENTY of time for portraits! And Julia and Roy were happy to smile anytime I asked. So thankful for couples like them! Thank you, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding399juliaroywedding12Julia&RoyWedding403 Julia&RoyWedding408 Julia&RoyWedding412 Julia&RoyWedding422 Julia&RoyWedding428 Julia&RoyWedding431

These two were soooo good at bride-groom portraits! They had no problem snuggling up in the front of the camera! I think they remembered what I taught them at their engagement session last year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Julia&RoyWedding441juliaroywedding13Julia&RoyWedding459 Julia&RoyWedding461

I LOVED using this yellow tree as a backdrop!


A favorite from the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia&RoyWedding472 Julia&RoyWedding481 Julia&RoyWedding486 Julia&RoyWedding489

So joyous, these two…


Julia’s smile and style looked so great against the fall-filled forest…

Julia&RoyWedding493 Julia&RoyWedding494 Julia&RoyWedding501 Julia&RoyWedding505 Julia&RoyWedding510

A little more sun before the cocktail hour was over. I always feel so lucky to capture this beautiful glow!


Another favorite! They’re so good at this!

Julia&RoyWedding524 Julia&RoyWedding532juliaroywedding15

So glad I spotted this location on our way to the reception!

Julia&RoyWedding535 Julia&RoyWedding541 Julia&RoyWedding542

Their reception was held at the park’s lake house and this view was just steps out the door…

Julia&RoyWedding587Julia&RoyWedding545 Julia&RoyWedding547juliaroywedding11Julia&RoyWedding555 Julia&RoyWedding593 Julia&RoyWedding600 Julia&RoyWedding603 Julia&RoyWedding610 Julia&RoyWedding628 Julia&RoyWedding640 Julia&RoyWedding650 Julia&RoyWedding654Julia&RoyWedding622 Julia&RoyWedding624

Thank you, Julia and Roy, for getting married in a forest. What a fun, unique and beautiful adventure! And thank you for being so friendly, so joyous and so wonderful in front of the camera. I hope we can work together again in the future! ๐Ÿ™‚

get to know ME more!

Hi Thank you so much for visiting the blog! Whether you're looking for more pretty pictures, inspiration for your wedding day, or some useful Deep Creek info, I hope you'll find a comfy seat, maybe a cup of coffee, and read on!

The Wedding & Family photographer with the MOST Deep Creek experience!

Holler! I'm Jessica

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