If you’ve ever requested area info from me or have come to visit us here in Garrett County, it’s no secret that our family loves Mountain State Brewing Co. After moving here in 2013, it was quite easy to add this restaurant to the top of our favorites list. They have a casual, relaxed atmosphere…they welcome kiddos and groups…and their flatbread pizzas are DELICIOUS! The overall rustic feel with wooden walls and cement floor (I think Brian feels like he’s in a version of his own man cave dream when he’s there, ha!) pairs so nicely with their housemate brews, too! All in all, it’s just a darn good place to visit. It only makes sense to include them in the giveaway. 🙂

Day Three: $30 Gift Card to Mountain State Brewing Co. at Deep Creek

Sadly, this is the only nice picture I have of Mountain State. (I need to get in there and snap some pictures of their pizzas!) BUT believe me when I say their pizza, beer and atmosphere is worth a check-out. Some of my favorite times at Mountain State is when their outdoor seating is open in the summer and the neighboring sunflower field and mountains serve as a backdrop. Also in the winter when the snowmobiles are parked out front and the scene of snow clothes, helmets and friends gathered takes over. The restaurant is just a few minutes from Wisp and Deep Creek Lake, so very easy to get to as well.

They also do rehearsal dinners here, so if there are any Garrett County couples looking for a casual option for their pre-wedding day festivities, give Mountain State a holler! 

To enter the giveaway, simply visit the JFP Facebook page, find the above image and leave a comment before midnight tonight. Each comment will be assigned a number (in the order they came in) and a random number generator will tell me the winner tomorrow morning.

Fun Fact: Mountain State also has locations in Morgantown and Thomas, WV!

This post and this giveaway are not sponsored by Mountain State. It’s simply one of our favorite places and we wanted to share the gift of gift cards with you all. 🙂

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