When Michelle mentioned using Ryan’s plane in their engagement session near Deep Creek Lake I was PUMPED. I love doing things differently in engagement sessions and if it involves a little photography adventure it gets a few extra gold stars in my book. 

But then Michelle asked me if I’d actually like to FLY during the session. WHAT?? Fly?? Like as in buckle up, take off and fly high above the ground!?! “YES! I mean, no. But I have to do it!”

I was excited, but a little scared. I’ve flown a handful of times in my life and while things have always gone as planned, I found myself hesitant at the thought of spontaneously flying again. (I think I’ve become more of a scaredy cat as I get older, ha!) I told Brian about it and he responded with a quick YES…and questioned why I’d even question it in the first place. What an opportunity, right!?! 

Right. So we did it. We flew during Michelle and Ryan’s engagement session! They came into Garrett County airport and we took pictures with the plane first. It was a beautiful evening with warm sunshine, so the runway looked extra special. After some pictures on the ground, they treated me to a 20-minute flight around the county. We flew over my house, over Deep Creek Lake and Wisp, and then over Oakland and The Herrington, where they’ll be getting married this fall. It was such a thrilling and neat experience and I’m a little disappointed that I almost passed it up because I was scared. #anythingforaphotographyadventure

So thank you Michelle and Ryan for the special treat of flying, and for making things happen in Garrett County! It was so much fun to hang out with and get to know you guys, and I look forward to do it all over again in October!

Enjoy the adventure, friends!


Michelle was immediately smiley and friendly! 🙂

Gotta love that evening glow!

I can tell that Michelle just adores and takes comfort in Ryan. 🙂

Some pre-flight pictures…

Then I took my seat in the back and buckled in for our flight!

There’s The Herrington

They kissed while flying! 🙂

And a confession: I got a little sick while on the flight. I know, lame! Not only have I become more of a scaredy cat as I’ve gotten older but my motion sickness is a bit more sensitive, too…blah!

And back down on the ground for an outfit change and more pictures…

Being romantical (in red) with the plane. 🙂

I knew we’d have a pretty sunset and the top of Wisp Mountain is the perfect place to capture that! But first, pictures in front of a blooming tree…

And now for the sunset and lots of beautiful colors in the sky! And Michelle and Ryan’s cuteness. 🙂

If anyone else wants to take on a little photography adventure together, HOLLER!! 🙂

Day 21 of Starting Something New.

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