When Jessica first inquired and told me her fiancé’s name was Brian, my response was “We have to work together because I’m a Jessica and Brian, too!” 🙂

I wondered if I was maybe being too forward, but it didn’t scare them away and we happily met last August for their engagement session. We first wondered through the beautiful grounds of Chanteclaire Farm, which is actually where they’re marrying tomorrow! It was an extra special treat to take pictures at their wedding venue, but we couldn’t pass up a glowy evening at the lake during their visit. 

My time with Jessica and Brian was wonderful. We talked easily, we laughed easily and they did such a nice job snuggling up against each other and flashing a few model faces. After looking through this post, I’m sure you’ll know why I’m excited to get them back in front of the camera…tomorrow! 

Just a few minutes in and they’re twirling and looking cute immediately! 🙂


The Lane…such a photo favorite at Chanteclaire. 

I hadn’t yet explored this little spot at Chanteclaire. One of the beauties of visiting the venue before the wedding and actually having time to slow down and take pictures…

This was a new try, too…and they nailed it!

The barn had recently been painted black, so we wanted to capture that too…

Then it was off to the beach!

We had so much evening sun!

I love the little burst of light in between them. 🙂

One of my favorite things to do when visiting the beach at Deep Creek for pictures is to have my clients put their feet in the water…

And of course let them splash their feet in the water!

And something a little dark, moody and different to end the session…


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