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I usually find all my “new” recipes on Pinterest. My FOOD board is FILLED with so many delicious-looking, easy-t0-make temptations. It’s hard not to want to try all of them! But sometimes my Pinterest attempts fail, so I recently found inspiration elsewhere! Enter Trader’s Coffee House at Deep Creek Lake! When we moved to Garrett Continue Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Pinterest Find. I’ve been browsing Pinterest much more frequently these days looking for new recipes AND ideas for our new house. We’re still planning on moving in next month and I cannot wait to fill the home with colors, decor, furniture, love and the aroma of new Continue Reading

I haven’t shared a “Pinterest Find” recipe with you all since the end of March, so I think it’s time for another! Breakfast may be my favorite meal of the day. A cup of hot coffee, a selection of seasonal fruit, a blueberry muffin, fluffy pancakes, a bowl of oatmeal with a heaping serving of Continue Reading

It’s another installment of “I love to cook and bake, but don’t love recipes with tons of ingredients that yield tons of work!” 🙂 OK, so the series isn’t really called that, but it definitely could since my most recent recipes seem to follow that trend. I can’t hide it…I love a good recipe with Continue Reading

Oh Pinterest…you’re sort of like the devil. You tempt us with food, pretty things and grand ideas. During any given Pinterest visit, we can feel guilty, materialistic or angry because of all the high-calorie recipes, “dream home” kitchens and over-productive, over-organized office spaces. But, if you’re like me, you keep going back for more! Why? Continue Reading

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