Allison and Jesse celebrated their first anniversary with a three-day trip and overnight stay in Garrett County. They were married in New Germany State Park last October and stayed in the same cabin they did during their wedding weekend. After my time with them earlier this month, anniversary sessions might be one of my new favorite things!

But first, a little explanation behind Allison and I’s connection. 🙂 

A couple of years ago, she reached out to me for wedding photography. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in she and Jesse’s budget, but I was still able to work with her in a different way. She had found me through Julia and Roy’s New Germany State Park wedding blog post and after hearing that she felt like a “fish out of water” while trying to plan her wedding from across the state, I knew I wanted to help her! In fact, this was at the same time my friend Maureen and I were toying with the idea of a wedding planning business (super fun and spontaneous idea, but it never happened 🙂 ), so she and I both helped Allison. We exchanged a few emails, shared our inside scoop and Maureen even gave some insight into her creative wedding budget philosophies. 

Fast forward to this year and Allison reconnected! Since I wasn’t able to do their wedding photography, she wanted to coordinate an anniversary session! Finally, I was going to be able to take pictures for her! 🙂

So we met one year and one day after their wedding at two of their favorite places in Garrett County, the Casselman Bridge in Grantsville and then of course New Germany State Park. When Allison stepped out of the car in her fabulous dress and freshly done hair and makeup, and then Jesse in his full suit and hat…along with their boutonniere and floral bouquet…I knew we were going to get some awesome pictures! These two put so much thought into making their anniversary trip special, and this session was a true testament to that!

Their love for the outdoors, Garrett County and each other was clearly displayed. What a unique and special way to celebrate and anniversary! I think more married couples should consider doing just this. 🙂

Do not worry…sitting on the bridge was completely their decision. 🙂 They wanted a wide, scenic picture of the bridge, and they wanted to be on the bridge in that picture. The only way to make it happen was for them to sit, and after I explained, they voluntarily and eagerly made it happen! They were careful and I made sure they were comfortable with the idea before moving forward. I love how unique and stylish these pictures turned out…

Look how cool their rings are! And they matched their session attire so well. 🙂 

Yes, they were immediately being this fabulous. 

Don’t we all just need a dress like Allison’s!?! 🙂

I told them they could have gotten married in these outfits. Who says a bride MUST wear white!? 

Next to the Casselman Bridge, there’s this adorable old church. Allison asked if we could use it for pictures and luckily, I was thinking the exact same thing! 

This next series is my favorite from their session…

Then we hopped over to the Spruce Artisan Village across from the church. This little area of Grantsville is one of my favorites in the county! So cute, quaint and picturesque! 

Then we traveled ten minutes south to New Germany State Park where they were married last fall. We drove by the pavilion where they had their ceremony and we finished with some pictures on the front porch of their cabin…the one they stayed in this year and last year. 

And then I think we managed to find one of the only beautiful trees in Garrett County this year. The fall foliage hasn’t been great to us, but during this first week of October, we found the yellow! 

The rings!! Look at that blue sapphire! 

They even brought a bottle of champagne…

How picture-perfect are these two!?! I love New Germany State Park for weddings and portrait sessions, and now that I know they have rentable cabins that are affordable with plenty of opportunity for outdoor play and exploration, I’m going to have to make arrangements for our family to go for an overnight sometime. 🙂 

Thanks so much for having me, Allison and Jesse! I love that we were finally able to work together…and I’m so glad you love Garrett County as much as I do! Let’s do it again at ten years! 

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