Breanne & Nick: Grayson House Wedding

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

You’re going to be impressed with these two. Moody and romantic, fun and interactive, and so very much in love with each other.

Breanne and Nick impressed me from day one when I met them at The Grayson House last fall for their engagement session. They were immediately excited and friendly, and incredibly easy to hang out with. THEN they stepped in front of the camera and WOW, they were right away so comfortable! 

I remember Breanne and I having a bit of a moment when I said goodbye to her on the wedding night. We had spent so much time getting to know each other. From the engagement session a year ago to phone conversations and text messages all about COVID and how they were going to handle the wedding, we definitely became more than just photographer-client. We definitely became friends. 🙂

Breanne and Nick, THANKS A MILLION for one of the best wedding days ever, for standing in the field of weeds and blaring sun, for being so easy to hang out with, and for completely trusting the wedding photography process. Let’s definitely, absolutely take pictures again in the future. 🙂

The upstairs space in June’s Cottage at The Grayson House always helps create the most beautiful bridal portraits…

We had to focus on the eyelashes! 

This was Breanne’s idea, and it was a good idea!

One of my favorites. 🙂

Oh the boys…they were fun. 🙂

I always tell the grooms that if their groom portraits are good enough, they may end up framed on their spouse’s desk at work. 🙂

I told the wedding party to do whatever they wanted behind Breanne and Nick and they wouldn’t see until they saw the pictures online. It’s a new JFP trick, ha! 🙂

See how we just did moody and romantic AND fun and interactive!? These guys can work it!

In the field of weeds. We had no idea what was in there, but we went for it anyways. Pretty sure I was yelling WORTH IT most of the time!

Nick is from Texas and Breanne is from Pittsburgh. These cookies were perfect!

Breanne and Nick treated their guests to Coldstone Ice Cream!

And I couldn’t decide which nighttime picture I liked of The Grayson House best, so I included both…

Venue The Grayson House
Florals by Twisted Rose Co.
DJing by R&R Entertainment
Videography by Davis Photography
Cake by Prantl’s
Catering by Hartsek’s Catering
Hair by LoveLee Salon
Makeup by Alexis Vince
Invitations by Basic Invite

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