Have you ever tried running a small business out of your home without internet or an organized office? Have you ever tried using a computer that takes more than a minute to upload one single image? How about that same computer with a non-working G key? That’s been the life of JFP for the past few days. I took some time off at the end of last week so I could concentrate on moving us into our new home in Maryland (!!!!), and while I had planned on getting back into the full swing of things on Monday, it didn’t happen. Rewiring, technological creativity and lots of patience were needed, but eventually, most problems were fixed. I still need to get a desk and chair for the office and organize that space, and I still need to get a new laptop so I can do some work away from home (we have limited internet here, unfortunately), but hopefully that’s all taken care of in the next week! So for the most part, JFP is back! 🙂

So aside my lack of recent business activity, I am happy to report that we’ve officially moved to Maryland! This whole process started over a year ago and it’s crazy to think that it’s all finally come to fruition. Brian worked EXTREMELY HARD to get our house ready for an October move-in and he was successful! On October 31st, we carried our last haul out of Morgantown, WV and officially became residents in Garrett County, MD. Our home was built in less than six months and I’m so proud at the awesome job Brian did. After all the phone calls, trips to Maryland, late nights, long weekends, and strips of hardwood for the floors, he built us a place that will be our home for a long time…and I cannot wait for our family to grow in it. Thanks a million, honey!

Now it’s time to get into a new routine. Ally just started preschool this week where she’ll be gone for two whole days every week. TWO WHOLE DAYS where I can work…and pretty much do whatever I want! What a crazy and exciting concept! So far today, I’ve sat at my computer and worked on JFP things for three hours straight with no interruptions, and I plan to continue for at least another two hours. Productivity will hopefully be increasing for JFP in the near future…at least until baby #2 comes along, then I’ll need a whole other routine to get into! Three months and counting until that hits the Fike house. 🙂

I’m still recovering from a busy October, as most of my photographer friends are, so Lindsay and Josh’s southwestern PA wedding is in today’s editing line-up. Shortly after, I’ll have Alicia and Chad’s wedding, engagement sessions, portrait sessions, album designs and two more weddings. Needless to say, I’ll be recovering from October for the rest of November. 🙂 Here’s a large sneak peek at Lindsay and Josh’s wedding…should be coming to the blog on Friday!











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