We enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL weather this past week and it looks like we’re about to embrace some more in just a couple of days! It’s only early March, but it seems as though winter might be gone for good. Is spring really here already!?! Oh I hope so!!!

Ally and I met some friends at a local park this week to enjoy the weather and I cannot wait to do it more often!

Ally was hesitant to crawl through the tube so I went in first thinking she’d quickly follow. Nope…she stood there with a distressed look on her face. She also stood there with some bad hair! I really should pay better attention to that…HA! 🙂

Rachael and Emma! I told Rachael I’d snap some pictures of the two of them since baby #2 will be arriving next month and these might be some of the last pictures they have together before little sister comes along…

Ally loved swinging! I need to get her a swing so we can do this every nice day of the year!

I love Emma’s face in the picture of the right. She was not amused by my photo-taking skills…hehe. 🙂

I love the little soft smile. Emma’s a cutie!

Such a sweet mommy-baby moment…

Might not seem like it here, but Ally and Emma play so well together! There was just too much going on at the park for them to notice each other. I’m tellin’ ya, I think these two could be some heart breakers together. 😉

Time for the slide! Tiffany, thanks for helping to coax the girls to come down!

Love Emma’s smile!!!

Snack time! These two chicas love to eat!

Happy early spring, y’all!!

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