Savage River Lodge Elopement: Tricia & Joe

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

Tricia and Joe’s elopement at Savage River Lodge was the definition of ADVENTURE! Not only were they doing things a little differently by doing their wedding on their own, they also hiked to find the perfect ceremony spot…in a stream!

YES! They married in a stream in July in the middle of a forest! And it was wonderful! Photography adventures like this make my heart sing because of all the wonderfully unique and creative moments that can be captured. We walked in the sun and heat to get to this spot and it was well worth it! We didn’t see any creatures along the way, but we did have some good conversation while trekking to and from this spot. And of course the forest showed us some wonderful photo opportunities as well. 

Thanks a million for this adventure, Tricia and Joe! I love that you were able to think outside the box for your wedding day and make it truly unique to you. Come back and visit us in Garrett County soon! 🙂

Tricia and Joe had hiked this trail the day before so they knew exactly where to go. Jennifer (SRL officiant) and I just hung back and anxiously awaited to see where it would all take place…

Time for the shoes to come off! Not pictured: My red rain boots that I used to stand in the stream during the ceremony. 🙂 You can actually see my red boots and some moments from Tricia and Joe’s day on my vlog

You should have seen me taking this picture. I was trying to get the perfect angle of the water and their reflections while trying not to fall in the water while standing on some un-sturdy rocks…ha!

After the stream, we headed back to the lodge…but not without some twirling in this little meadow…

How pretty did Tricia look!?! Such a cute dress, beautiful flowers and lovely hair!

Just as we exited the forest, we spotted this salamander! Tricia suggested we get a picture with it and this is what we came up with, ha! 🙂

From the book that Jennifer quoted during their ceremony…

Such a sweet time with these two! Thanks so much for having me, Tricia and Joe! 🙂


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