Savage River Lodge Elopement: Elizabeth & Jacob

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Elizabeth and Jacob’s Savage River Lodge elopement was absolutely, positively one of the best wedding adventures. They married on a Friday afternoon, during a winter rainstorm, while wearing fur and a red cloak, and it was just the two of them. (Well, besides the small crew of vendors that helped make it all happen. 🙂 )

“I’m so glad we did this”, was something they both said frequently throughout the 2.5 hours we spent together. They were excited to be together, and make the day simply about them. The hustle and bustle and sparkle and frills and bunches of people can be really awesome on a wedding day, but sometimes it’s nice to just sweep all that away and focus on what’s most important…the two lovebirds! 

Liz and Jake, it was so easy to feel “right at home” with you two as soon as I opened the cabin door. And Liz, all of our phone and text conversations in the months, weeks and days leading up to the big day…thank you! Thank you for having such a vested interest in your photography. I had SO MUCH FUN with you guys!

And Savage River Lodge, thanks for making it so easy for couples to wed in our mountains. I meet so many couples who love the unique, intimate getaway atmosphere that your place has to offer. And we photographers are grateful for the adventures we get to have because of it! 

One of the first things Liz told me was that she was wearing a red cloak on the wedding day. (Also white fur boots, but those didn’t end up making the cut.) And that was enough for me. My don’t-be-afraid-to-be-different little heart was pumped!

She and Jake BOTH wore fur…

Jake had these sneakers made specially for the wedding day! Custom Converse!

A sneaker and a boot. 🙂

Liz purchased many of her bridal accessories on Etsy. She said she liked supporting the small businesses. Just one more reason to be excited about her! 🙂

Their rings! Two of the most unique wedding bands I’ve seen!

Also their hand fasting cord…made by an Etsy artist.

It was just the two of them…so Jake helped Liz into her dress. One of my favorite pictures from the day, and likely a favorite for the year!

Another fave! Look at those smiles! 🙂

Favorite. Just uploaded this one as a card back for my MOO business cards!

The fur, the dress, the boots…perfect!

Liz, you looked dynamite! 

And that laugh! We couldn’t get enough! 

Their ceremony took place on a covered portion of the lodge’s lower deck. It was raining, so the ceremony couldn’t be held completely outdoors like they wanted…but this was a pretty good Plan B. 🙂

The hanging lights…added bonus!

I love this one!

And this one. 🙂 The emotion and the action and the dynamic light!

Pictures in the lodge…AKA time to warm up!

Looking like rockstars…

And it stopped raining! 

Here comes a favorite series from the day…


If you look real close, you can see that the rain had started turning to snow…we were excited! Red cloak + the forest + winter = there had to be snow!

We literally went into the forest for these pictures. Trekked through some mud and water, but it was worth it!

Straight from a fairy tale, these two! Or maybe Game of Thrones/Red Riding Hood!? Both were part of their inspiration.

Continued rockstar status…

And the snow!!!

Thankfully we weren’t too far off the path, so our forest adventure was very doable. And yes, Liz’s dress got a little dirty, but that was okay! 🙂

Snowflakes on her eyelashes!!

This one went into the favorites folder, too. 🙂

Liz knew how to flash her eyes and those lashes!

Always need a good groom portrait. 🙂

And back to the cabin for their cheesecake…

Chocolate covered strawberries, too. All part of the Savage River Lodge elopement wonderfulness!

Selfies to end the day. Perfect. 🙂

Rockstar wedding, right!?! I could shoot these all year long! What an awesome way to get married…and what an awesome adventure! Thanks again, Liz and Jake. 🙂

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