Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall Wedding: Jana & Randy

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Jana and Randy’s Pittsburgh wedding took place in July. Their ceremony was held at a nearby Catholic church and the reception took place at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at The Priory. I had been to the Grand Hall once before for a friend’s wedding (as a guest!), and was excited for the opportunity to photograph it. The venue sits on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, has 6,000 square feet of floor space and it used to be a church! Jana and I also went to high school together, so pair that with a new, beautiful venue and I was a happy photog! 🙂

The day started with my second shooter Kristin and I driving into the city…in the rain. (We also had to navigate the city streets and hope we didn’t make a wrong turn, ha!) The rain continued while Jana and Randy got ready next to the Grand Hall, but thankfully, their quarters were just across the street from each other and we could easily pop back and forth with our umbrellas. And then, the rain stopped! We were able to take all their fun and formal portraits outside, both at the church and at Pittsburgh’s yellow bridges! Just minutes before their reception party started, the rain began again. Talk about perfect timing, right!? Again, happy photog. 🙂

One of my highlights of the day was reuniting with Geibel high school friends! Jana’s two bridesmaids also went to high school with us and it was so fun catching up with them and reminiscing about the old days (thanks Katie and Liz 🙂 ). 

Thanks for inviting me to the city to capture your day, Jana and Randy! Despite the rain, we made it work! And what a beautiful day you guys had! 

And first capture of the post goes to my second shooter, Kristin!

YES! The bridesmaids wore sparkly dresses!!!

We had some LOVELY light to work with during Randy’s getting ready moments…

Back to the girls’ quarters…

And their colorful robes! We couldn’t pass up this photo op! Do you notice the peeper?? HOW SWEET! 🙂

Pretty Geibel gals! 🙂

Love these flower girl captures by Kristin…

Look how stunning!! 

I loved the delicate details of Jana’s dress…

Such a favorite getting ready moment! Capturing these for my brides is such an important part of my day. It’s a beautiful start to their wedding day story…


So much good light in this church!

Kristin’s view…

And mine!

It wasn’t raining, so I wanted to maximize our time with some outdoor portraits while the rain was stopped. It was about a 30-minute drive back to the city and in case it was raining when we arrived, I knew we’d at least have these outdoor portraits…

Lovely capture by Kristin!


And then we rode in the limo with Jana and Randy to the bridges…

I love these captures of the girls. 🙂

We parked right next to PNC Park so we could easily walk to the Roberto Clemente bridge…

I captured this…

While Kristin captured this!

So much color!

I don’t remember what was so funny, but it worked. 🙂

Thanks for all these wonderful black and white moments, Kristin!

Jana, I love these bridal portraits of you…


This courtyard was directly across from the Grand Hall and it made a wonderful spot for more portraits! 

I love this one! The gate!!!!

More good ones!

Definitely a favorite. 🙂

The doors of the Grand Hall matched the wedding colors perfectly!

Now for the Grand Hall and all it’s glory…


So much fun and movement! A Kristin capture. 🙂


Can you find me? Because the Grand Hall used to be a church, there’s a big balcony at the back of the room…and it was a perfect spot for Kristin to sneak in some aerial shots…

And now can you find Kristin?? 

And they invited me to join the Geibel picture. What a fun day! 🙂

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