I had heard about photographers using flash drives instead of CDs for client images last wedding season and I thought it was pretty brilliant. I immediately dismissed the idea as a possibility for JFP because I assumed I couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t until I attended Katelyn James’ workshop in November that I realized I could and should make it happen.

I contacted a few different companies for quotes and finally decided on Flashbay. Not only did they give me the best price, but they also gave me the best product option. When I saw the proof that included pink customization and pink on the actual drives, I was tickled pink (HA!) and SOLD! I mean, who else has pink flash drives!?!

If you saw their debut on Facebook a couple months ago, you might not see this post as exciting and consider it old news. But if you haven’t heard that I’m giving away pink flash drives to every client who gets digital negatives, then get excited and check these suckers out!

To find each flash drive already in their case and individually wrapped was like icing on the cake! Flashbay DELIVERED!

The drives also gave me a chance to try my new macro lens. Can’t wait to use it for getting ready details and ring shots this wedding season!!

And for those photogs wanting the flash drive details, click here.

The flash drives were an awesome choice. Not only do I not have to worry about my unreliable disc burner not writing files when it says it does, but I get to deliver something totally unique, fun and long-lasting to my clients. It’s all part of my re-branding, new packaging, delivering a high-end product and experience, and vamping up of my personality in my biz. So if you’re a photog with a growing biz and you’re not already using flash drives, definitely consider it. They totally up the ante and are way more reliable than CDs.

I’ll be sending the first flash drive out today to the beautiful Amy. I’m excited! 🙂

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